Athletics Brand Marks

Feel the roar of TU’s Athletics brand marks, reserved for spirited applications only.

TU athletic sporting event

Featuring a stylized tiger head in profile, Towson University Tiger Athletics maintains a distinctive brand mark system separate from the university’s brand mark. This mark should only be used to represent Tiger Athletics and may not be used to represent TU’s academic or administrative units.

Primary Tiger Mark

The primary Tiger brand mark should be the first logo used at all times to represent Tiger Athletics.

The primary athletics brand mark

Secondary Tiger Marks

The secondary Tiger brand marks are available to supplement the primary mark in a multi-logo environment, such as on a player uniform. A secondary mark should never take the place of the primary Tiger brand mark.

Secondary athletic brand mark

Please Note

Athletics brand marks are not available via the brand site. Permission to use these marks is based on need only and may be obtained by contacting .

As its name implies, the Tiger brand mark is for use by Tiger Athletics. It does not replace an institutional Brand Mark for identifying non-Athletics departments or units of Towson University.

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