Spark Brilliance Executive Leadership Program

The Spark Brilliance Executive Leadership Program is a transformative program designed to take executive leaders from great to extraordinary—with minimal time and maximum impact.

“ Great leaders develop strengths. Exceptional leaders develop sparks. ”

Jackie Insinger

According to Gallup, companies lose $360 billion in productivity every year as a result of poor relationships between employees and their leaders. This signature program is targeted to executive leaders and designed to have a three-fold positive impact—for the leader, the team, and the company. It increases engagement, retention, fulfillment, profitability, and creates a more inclusive and positive culture.

Hear from Jackie Insinger, program facilitator and author of Spark Brilliance, to learn more about this signature program.


Program Highlights

The Spark Brilliance Executive Leadership Program is a seven-month, results-focused group coaching program where select executive leaders take part in an immersive full-day leadership program followed by monthly 90-minute small group virtual coaching sessions.

Immersion Day (Modules 1–4)

  • Module 1 Discover: Tap into the Platinum Leadership mindset and uncover the Cognitive Diversity on your team for greater inclusivity and results
  • Module 2 Understand: Listen to understand and communicate effectively so team members will openly receive your message.
  • Module 3 Align: Uplevel performance by creating clear goals and expectations for team members to align and thrive.
  • Module 4 Connect: Create an authentic connection culture in virtual, hybrid, or in-person environment for greater engagement.

Monthly Sessions (Modules 5–10)

  • Module 5 Brilliance: Uncover each team member’s unique spark to create greater
    fulfillment, commitment, and retention.
  • Module 6 Trust: Establish an environment of psychological safety for a highperforming and more innovative team.
  • Module 7 Grow: Integrate a tactical risk-taking practice that is sustainable and supports consistent upward mobility.
  • Module 8 Win: Learn a neuroscience-based approach to motivate each team member and create collective momentum.
  • Module 9 Play: Infuse levity and fun for a more cohesive team and a positive culture that people want to be a part of.
  • Module 10 Practice: Leverage neuroplasticity and gratitude to foster positive, collaborative, and solution-focused mindsets.

Increased Engagement & Productivity


Decreased Burnout


More Effective Communication

About the program

This program is application-based and open to executive/c-suite leaders. We are looking for a diversity of perspective and experience to facilitate a robust learning environment.

The fee $4,900 per leader. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, please reach out to Krista Grubb, .

  • Full day immersion and group coaching cohorts (one 90-minute session per month) for 6 consecutive months.
  • Focused on the greatest ROI in the least amount of time required.
  • Minimum of five leaders per cohort (recommended for leaders at similar levels, and not in a direct reporting relationship).
  • Accountability assignments, practical applications, surveys, and progress check-ins monthly.
  • Forum-based sessions are filled with group learning and actionable strategies that are designed to integrate all the latest leadership, positive psychology, and neuroscience research to optimize your brain and your behavior for success.
  • Participants will uplevel their mindset and ability to grow into extraordinary leaders and leave with a more effective, positive, and productive way to approach leadership and better serve their teams and organizations.

Important dates

  • Enrollment Deadline: August 1, 2024
  • Fall Cohort begins on September 19, 2024 from 9:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m. EST

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