05-01.03 – Local Address Policy

  1. Policy Statement:

    Towson University (the “University”) requires all students to provide both a current local address and a permanent address. This information must be updated each semester and within 15 days of a change of address.

  2. Reason for Policy:

    To assist the University in locating students in case of emergency and in contacting them when necessary and appropriate to conduct University business. 

  3. Definitions: 

    1. “Local Address” is the address where a student lives while enrolled at the University and actively attending classes. 

    2. “Permanent Address” is the address which a student considers a permanent home (typically the address where the student’s family resides). This is the primary address where official University correspondence will be sent unless otherwise notified. 

  4. Responsible Executive and Office:

    Responsible Executive:
    Vice President for Student Affairs and Director of Registrar's Office

    Responsible Office:
    Student Affairs and Registrar’s Office

  5. Entities Affected by this Policy:

    All University students. 

  6. Procedures:

    1. Students will be required to confirm and/or update their Local Address online at the time of registration, at the start of each semester and, when the Local Address changes (within 15 days of change). A reference to the policy and a screen to update addresses will be noted on the University’s online services page “Self-Service – Student Dashboard.” 

    2. The Registrar’s Office will periodically write reports identifying incorrect addresses. The University may also learn through its normal business processes that a student has not provided a current Local Address. Individuals who do not provide information and/or provide false information will be referred to the Office of Judicial Affairs for possible adjudication and sanctions. 

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Approval Date: 04/14/2009

Effective Date: 04/14/2009

Approved By: President’s Council 04/03/2009

Signed By: President’s Council

How to Request the Policy PDF

This online version of the policy may include updated links and names of departments. To request a PDF of the original, signed version of this policy, email the Office of the General Counsel, .