06-06.10 – Records Management Policy

  1. Policy Statement:

    Pursuant to State law and University System of Maryland policy VI-6.10, Policy on Records Management, Towson University (“University”) maintains a program for the continual, economical and efficient management of its records. University Records belong to the University and not to any individual or administrative part of the University. Specifically, Records are the property of the University and not of the officers, faculty members, or employees who create them or to whom they are entrusted. Individuals are entrusted with their custody and are expected to manage them appropriately. The University Archives is the University’s official custodian of Records that possess enduring value and must be preserved permanently. 

  2. Definitions: 

    1. “University Record (Record)” means recorded information, regardless of physical form, regardless of physical characteristics, created, received, recorded, or legally filed in the course of University business. Records are subject to the rules set forth in the Records Retention & Disposal Schedule. 

    2. “Archival Record” means a type of University Record that possesses enduring value or ongoing usefulness or significance based on the historical, administrative, evidential, or intrinsic value of the information it contains, justifying its continued preservation. The University Archives is the University’s official custodian for Archival Records and serves as a research center open to any interested party. All Archival Records are available to any researcher unless there are reasonable restrictions established between the Archival Records’ creator and University Archivist. 

    3. “Records Retention & Disposal Schedule (Records Schedule)” means University­ approved standards for retaining disposing of Records. The Records Schedule includes the General Records Schedule and applicable Office­ Specific Records. 

    4. “General Records Schedule (GRS)” refers to the Records standard in the Records Schedule that covers common Records found throughout the University. These are typical documents that most departments maintain copies of in the course of daily business. It applies to Records in all formats, including electronic records such as Word documents, spreadsheets, databases, and e-mail. 

    5. “The Office of Record (OOR)” is the responsible department; where the Records are created and the original, official copies of the Record are maintained. For example, copies of personnel files may be maintained by other offices for reference purposes, but the Human Resources Office is the official OOR. Financial Services is the OOR for invoices. 

    6. “Office-Specific Records” are the standards in the Records Schedule for Records unique to an OOR that are not covered by the GRS. Unless the GRS specifies a standard, executive officers can make decisions on Record standards, i.e. retention periods, based on standard business practices and experience. 

  3. Responsible Executive:

    Responsible Executive:
    Vice President for Administration and Finance and Chief Fiscal Officer 

  4. Entities Affected by this Policy:

    All University Divisions, Departments and employees. 

  5. Procedures: 

    1. Every department must implement and follow University procedures to: 

      1. Ensure the security of personal information; and 

      2. Comply with the Records Schedule to ensure the prompt and lawful disposition of Records that are no longer needed in its operations. 

    2. The University will maintain a Records Schedule that will be electronically maintained and accessible for reference by all divisions and departments on the University website. 

      1. Divisions and departments should forward any suggested changes or updates to the Records Schedule to the Division of Administration and Finance. 

      2. Departments will refer to the approved Records Schedule to: 

        1. Guide office Records management and disposal. 

        2. Determine which Records are of permanent, historical value and transfer to the University Archives.

Related Policies:

USM Policy VI-6.10, Policy on Records Management

Approval Date: 4/4/18

Effective Date: 4/4/18

Acknowledged By: President’s Council 

Signed By: President’s Council

How to Request the Policy PDF

This online version of the policy may include updated links and names of departments. To request a PDF of the original, signed version of this policy, email the Office of the General Counsel, .