06-14.00 – Smoke Free Campus Policy

  1. Policy Statement:

    Smoking is prohibited on all property owned, leased or operated by Towson University (“University”). This consists of all buildings, including residence halls; all grounds, including exterior open spaces, parking lots and garages, on-campus sidewalks, streets, driveways, stadiums, recreational spaces and practice facilities; and in all University-owned or leased vehicles. 

  2. Reason for Policy:

    The University is committed to promoting a healthy and safe environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors. This policy is intended to reduce the health risks related to smoking and secondhand smoke for the campus community. Smoke and tobacco-free policies are becoming a standard to foster a healthy environment in municipalities, businesses, and colleges and universities alike. 

  3. Definitions:

    “Smoking” is defined as the burning or vaporizing of tobacco, nicotine, or any other material in any type of smoking equipment, including but not restricted to cigarettes, cigars, pipes, or electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes). 

  4. Responsible Executive and Office:

    Responsible Executive:
    Vice President for Administration and Finance and Chief Fiscal Officer
    Vice President for Student Affairs

    Responsible Office:
    Administration and Finance
    Student Affairs 

  5. Entities Affected by this Policy:

    All individuals on Towson University’s campus, including faculty, staff, students, parents, vendors and visitors. 

  6. Procedures:

    1. Faculty, staff and students who violate this policy are subject to University disciplinary action, including fines and sanctions. Visitors who violate this policy may be denied access to the University campuses and may ultimately be subject to arrest for criminal trespass. 

    2. Concerns regarding student, faculty/staff, and visitor violations of this policy should be respectively referred to the Office of Student Accountability and Restorative Practices, the Office of Human Resources, and the University Police Department.

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Approval Date: 11/09/2009

Effective Date: 08/01/2010

Amended Date: 04/15/2015

Approved By: President’s Council 11/03/2009

Signed By: President’s Council

How to Request the Policy PDF

This online version of the policy may include updated links and names of departments. To request a PDF of the original, signed version of this policy, email the Office of the General Counsel, .