07-01.20 – Policy on Heroin and Opioid Addiction and Prevention

  1. Policy:

    Towson University (“TU”) has adopted this Heroin and Opioid Addiction Prevention Policy (“Policy”) in accordance with Maryland Code, Education Article, Sections 11-1201—1204 , its own substance abuse policies, and those of the University System of Maryland (“USM”). TU strives to provide a healthy, safe, and drug-free environment for students, faculty, and staff. It also recognizes the health care and safety risks associated with heroin and opioid abuse in Baltimore County, the State of Maryland, and nationwide.

    Incoming students will be required to participate in training (either in-person or online) regarding heroin and opioid addiction and prevention awareness. The training will be facilitated by the University’s Health Educator for Drugs and Alcohol in the Counseling Center. TU will also identify other accessible resources that will alert and educate students regarding heroin and opioid addiction and prevention.

    The Towson University Police Department (“TUPD”) and the TU Health Center shall obtain and store naloxone or other overdose-reversing medication to be used in an emergency situation. TUPD officers and TU Health Center clinical staff shall be trained how to recognize the symptoms of opioid overdose, procedures for administering naoloxone (or other overdose-reversing medication), and proper follow-up procedures in the event of a suspected opioid overdose.

    On or before October 1 of each year, TU shall report to the Maryland Higher Education Commission each incident that required use of naloxone or other overdose-reversing medication.

  2. Responsible Executive and Office:

    Responsible Executive:
    Vice President for Student Affairs
    Chief of Police, TUPD

    Responsible Office:
    Division of Student Affairs

  3. Entities Affected by this Policy:

    All members of the University community. 

Related Policies:

USM Policy VII-1.10, Policy on a Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace for Employees

TU Policy 07-01.10, Policy on Substance Abuse for Faculty, Staff and Students

Approval Date: 10/3/2018

Effective Date: 10/1/2018

Acknowledged By: President’s Council

Signed By: President’s Council

How to Request the Policy PDF

This online version of the policy may include updated links and names of departments. To request a PDF of the original, signed version of this policy, email the Office of the General Counsel, .