07-07.28 – Liberal Leave

  1. Purpose:

    Towson University has established implementing procedures pursuant to the USM Policy VI-12.00, Policy on Emergency Conditions: Cancellation of Classes and Release of Employees. This policy governs the usage of Liberal Leave for non-emergency essential Regular and Contingent II employees in the event of an emergency condition. 

  2. Definitions: 

    1. “Emergency Conditions” may include, but are not limited to, dangerous traffic or highway conditions, hazardous weather, civil disorder, fire, power failure or other circumstances as declared by the University. 

    2. “Emergency Essential Employees” are employees whose presence is required regardless of the existence of an emergency, and whose absence from duty could endanger the safety and well being of the campus population and/or physical plant. Examples of such employees include, but are not limited to: police, stationary engineers or other heating plant and maintenance personnel, snow removal employees. 

    3. Employees designated as emergency essential shall be notified in writing of that designation prior to the onset of the emergency condition. 

  3. Responsible Executive and Office:

    Responsible Executive:
    Associate Vice President of Human Resources

    Responsible Office:
    Office of Human Resources 

  4. Usage: 

    1. Liberal leave may be granted to non-emergency essential employees when the University cancels classes with the campus remaining open and/or delays the official opening of the University due to emergency conditions. 

      1. Non-emergency essential employees who are scheduled to work may use accrued annual, personal, holiday, or compensatory leave, if applicable, for their scheduled hours during the liberal leave period. The absence shall be excused. 

      2. In the event the non-emergency essential employee does not have appropriate accrued leave, leave without pay shall be applied. 

    2. At the Vice President’s discretion, employees performing essential business functions may be required to report to work when liberal leave is allowed.

Related Policies:

USM Policy VI-12.00, Policy on Emergency Conditions: Cancellation of Classes and Release of Employees

Approval Date:

Effective Date: 6/23/05

Signed By: President’s Council

How to Request the Policy PDF

This online version of the policy may include updated links and names of departments. To request a PDF of the original, signed version of this policy, email the Office of the General Counsel, .