07-11.00 – Requesting Temporary Personnel

  1. Purpose:

    Subject to the provisions of this policy, temporary employment agencies may be used to secure temporary clerical, administrative, and accounting personnel in cases where hiring a short-term Towson University (“University”) Contingent Category I employee is not practical, cost effective, and/or in the best interest of the University, as determined by the Office of Human Resources (OHR) and the department in need of temporary personnel. For temporary employment needs outside of the scope of this policy, consult with the department head and the OHR. 

  2. Definitions:

    Temporary Personnel - Employees of the temporary employment agency, not the University. Temporary personnel are compensated by the employment agency, and are not entitled to any benefits provided by the University or the State of Maryland. 

  3. Responsible Executive and Office

    Responsible Executive:
    Associate Vice President of Human Resources

    Responsible Office:
    Office of Human Resources 

  4. Entities Affected by this Policy:

    All divisions, colleges, departments, and operating units. 

  5. Procedures:

    1. Departments shall formally request to hire Temporary Personnel and submit the request to the OHR. The Department is responsible for the cost of the services and must submit a Purchase Requisition in addition to the Temporary Personnel request. Departments are not authorized to enter into an agreement with a temporary employment agency. 

    2. The OHR will contact a temporary employment agency from the list of acceptable agencies provided by the University’s Procurement Department. The OHR will provide the details of the request and obtain a billable rate for the services from the agency. The OHR will contact the requesting department and confirm the rate. 

    3. Once the temporary employment agency confirms availability of personnel, the OHR will contact the requesting department and provide details. The agency will conduct criminal background investigations on Temporary Personnel, adhering to University standards. 

    4. The department shall contact the OHR immediately if it has any issues concerning the placement made by the temporary employment agency. The OHR will contact the temporary employment agency and attempt to resolve the issue. 

    5. The department is responsible for the cost of the services. 

Related Policies:

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Approval Date: 10/12/07

Effective Date: 10/19/07

Amended Date: 05/23/2016

Approved By: President’s Council 07/23/07

Signed By: President’s Council

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