08-14.00 – Insurance Requirements for Affiliated and Non-University Events

  1. Policy Statement:

    Towson University (“University”) requires insurance coverage for non-University events held on campus for meetings, conferences, camps, sports clinics, weddings or other special events except as outlined in this policy. The Policy establishes procedures to determine the level of insurance required for outside users of University facilities, and differentiates the requirements by event type and level of service required.

  2. Reason for Policy:

    The purpose of this document is to outline the insurance requirements established by the University to mitigate financial and physical risks and/or damage to the University’s reputation and image.

  3. Definitions:

    1. “Certificate of Insurance” is a document that provides verification of insurance coverage which meets the requirements established by the University.

    2. “URMIA” or University Risk Management and Insurance Association is a professional non-profit organization for colleges and universities that provides lower cost insurance for events on campus.

    3. “TULIP”or Tenant-User Liability Insurance Policy is a web-based, low cost insurance policy that protects both the facility user and the University.

    4. “Affiliated Events” are defined as: an external organization’s event sponsored by a University department or student group (recognized by the SGA), State of Maryland agencies, Baltimore County agencies, USM institution, or events sponsored by charitable community organizations or University professional associations which the President’s Office or designee has determined should be related as Affiliated Events. Also included are University alumni and employee events for individual/personal use and events where a University department is requesting to sponsor an event because the department is receiving a donation.

    5. “Non-University Events” are for organizations which are not Affiliated Events, including events for groups and organizations which exist primarily for the purpose of carrying on commercial activities for profit, or which otherwise exist primarily for private individual gain or benefit.

  4. Responsible Executive and Office:

    Responsible Executive:
    Vice President for Administration & Finance and Chief Fiscal Officer (CFO)

    Responsible Office:
    Administration and Finance

  5. Entities Affected by this Policy:

    All divisions, colleges, departments, operating units, contractors and student organizations who sponsor an affiliated group for use of University facilities.

  6. Procedures:

    1. Policy - It is the policy of Towson University that outside organizations who are holding an event on University premises must provide proof of general liability insurance and sign a University contract, whether the event is an Affiliated Event or a Non-University Event. Event and Conference Services (ECS) administers and retains contracts and certificates of insurance documents for external events on campus.

      1. ECS will administer and maintain contracts and certificates of insurance documents as per the Forms Retention Policy. University departments should contact ECS prior to quoting pricing or discussing other University requirements. The lead time for ECS involvement depends on the complexity of the event; for less complex events, lead time should be at least two weeks prior to the scheduled event date. 

      2. The University reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to alter the required insurance and/or to turn down an event.

      3. Liquor liability insurance coverage must be provided for events where alcohol will be served or sold (*).

      4. Participant Legal Liability insurance coverage (PLL) is required for all athletic events held in University venues (except for state and local government regulated schools which are self insured). This insurance covers athletic injuries for participants in athletic events. PLL coverage is exempted from TULIP’s coverage and must be purchased as an option (**).

      5. Outside caterers are required to name the University (using University provided language) as an additional insured in their policy and must provide a certificate of insurance and a liquor liability rider as required.

      6. Insurance is purchased by users who contract with the University to use University facilities for specific events. It is not intended for the University to shift any of their specific operational risks away from the University’s insurance coverage.

    2. Event Class Types and Insurance Requirements – Events range from very low risk to a higher level of risk. Below are the event types defined by class and the associated insurance requirements.

      1. Events where insurance is not required by the University:

        1. Breakfast, lunch, dinner including those where a meeting is conducted during the meal if: the event is for 100 guests or less, does not include alcohol and is being catered by the University’s Black & Gold Caterer. This exception does not include events where the meeting is held in a room other than where the meal is served.

        2. Any event or organization that is approved for a waiver of the insurance requirement by the President’s Office or designee.

      2. Class One Through Three Events - Classes one through three events require the same level of insurance coverage as detailed below, and are defined separately as the cost of insurance may be based on the event type and its assigned class.

        Insurance Requirements Classes 1-3

        Commercial Liability – Occurrence
        Each Occurrence Limit: $1,000,000
        General Aggregate Limit (Other Than Products-Completed Operations): $NONE 
        Fire Damage Limit: $50,000 Any One Fire 
        Third Party Property Damage Limit (Property Damage to the University): $25,000 
        * Liquor Liability Insurance Limit: $1,000,000 (as required) 
        Common Cause Limit: $1,000,000
        ** Participant Legal Liability (for athletic participants): $25,000

        1. Class 1 Events (considered Low risk):

          Anniversary Parties 
          Antique Shows 
          Art Festivals
          Art Shows
          Auto Shows 
          Award Presentations 
          Ballets or other Classical Dance Shows
          Beauty Pageants 
          Body Building Contests 
          Business Meetings 
          Business Shows 
          Birthday Parties 
          Charity Benefits, Auctions, or Sales
          Church Services or Meetings
          Civic Club Meetings
          Classical Music Concerts – Indoors
          Consumer Shows
          Conventions in Buildings
          Craft Shows
          Debutante Balls
          Drill Team Exhibitions
          Educational Exhibitions
          Electronics Conventions
          Fashion Shows
          Fishing Events
          Flower Shows
          Garden Shows
          Harvest Festivals – No Farm implements or equipment.
          Home Shows
          Jam and Jazz Concerts – Indoors
          Job Fair – Indoors
          Ladies Club Events
          Meetings – Indoors
          Professional and Amateur Assoc. Meetings.
          Reunions – Indoors
          Scouting Jamborees – no overnight camps
          Seminars/ Classes/ Lectures – Indoors
          Social Receptions
          Speaking Engagements
          Symphony Concerts
          Trade Shows – Indoors
          Vacation Shows
          Voter Registration
          Wedding Reception
        2. Class 2 Events (considered medium risk):

          Bingo Games 
          Classical Music Concerts – Outdoors
          Festivals and Cultural Events – Indoors 
          Jam and Jazz Concerts – Outdoors 
          Job Fairs – Outdoors 
          Meetings – Outdoors 
          Picnics held on grounds without use of the pool
          Political Rallies
          Reunions – Outdoors
          School Band Competitions or Events
          Soap Box Derbies
          Social Gathering – Outdoors
          Trade Shows – Outdoors
          Union Meetings
        3. Class 3 Events (considered moderate risk):

          Aerobics and Jazzercise Classes or Events 
          Bicycle Rallies (Not including Races) 
          Casino and Lounge Shows Proms
          Country Western Events – No Rodeos or Rides 
          County Festivals and Fairs – No rides 
          Festivals and Cultural Events – Outdoors
          Film Showings 
          Heads of State Events
          Junior Athletic Games
          Karate Meets
          Nightclub Shows
          Parades – Under 500 Spectators
          Softball Events
          Sporting Events in Buildings – Non-professional
          Theatrical Stage Performances
          Volleyball Events 
      3. Class Four Events – Class four events are considered higher risk and require a different level of insurance coverage. Class four insurance will need to be obtained through an insurance provider other than TULIP.

        Insurance Requirements Class 4

        Commercial Liability – Occurrence
        Each Occurrence Limit: $1,000,000
        General Aggregate Limit: $2,000,000
        Fire Damage Limit: $50,000 Any One Fire
        Third Party Property Damage Limit: $100,000
        * Liquor Liability Insurance Limit: $1,000,000 (as required)
        ** Participant Legal Liability (for athletic participants): $25,000

        1. Class 4 Events (considered higher risk):

          Any event with daily attendance over 5,000 
          Any risk with Prior Losses 
          Anything not otherwise classified in the guide 
          Block Parties/Street Closures/Street Fairs 
          Boat Shows 
          Boxing, Wrestling, Hockey and Football Games 
          Concerts-Not Otherwise Classified 
          Evangelistic Meetings 
          Film Production 
          Gymnastic Competitions 
          Instructional Classes 
          Marathon (includes walks & runs)
          Mechanical Amusement Devices
          Mobile Home Shows
          Motorized Sporting Events
          Professional Sporting Activities
          Pyrotechnics - Must involve EH&S
          Rodeos and Roping Events
          Rummage Sales
          RV Shows
          Sidewalk Sales
          Ski Events
          Swap Meets
          Water Activities or Events 

      4. Camps and Sport Clinics – Camp and sport clinic insurance coverage is required for all external groups including University coaches who choose to run their sports camps outside of the summer program run by the Towson Athletics. Users may obtain insurance coverage through the URMIA Camps Program if desired.

        Camps and Sport Clinics

        Commercial Liability – Occurrence
        Each Occurrence Limit: $1,000,000
        General Aggregate Limit: $2,000,000
        Fire Damage Limit: $100,000 Any One Fire
        Abuse or Molestation Coverage: $50,000 each occurrence, $100,000 aggregate
        Excess Accident Medical Limit (for sports participants): $25,000 per injury ($50 deductible)
        Note: Third part property damage coverage must be included in the above coverage.

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Approval Date: 01/12/2009

Effective Date: 01/12/2009

Approved By: President’s Council 12/01/2008

Signed By: President’s Council

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