TU 2020

TU 2020: A Focused Vision for Towson University

TU 2020: A Focused Vision for Towson University is Towson University’s institutional vision and the evolution of two previous strategic plans, TU 2010 and TU 2016. TU 2020 focuses the efforts of our previous plans to eight institutional priorities, each aligned with potential funding opportunities from the state of Maryland, the University System of Maryland and the private sector.

The TU 2020 Philosophy

Rooted in the philosophy that a liberal arts education is the base for all undergraduate programs, the success of the eight priorities is threaded through and dependent upon these underlying principles:

  • Faculty teaching/scholarship/research/service and staff commitment and development
  • Expanded interdisciplinary credit and noncredit experiences
  • Undergraduate and graduate education
  • Community outreach
  • The contributions of Cook Library

The TU 2020 plan is the outcome of listening sessions with every Towson University division and college. The eight priorities listed below are the common themes that emerged from those discussions and represent the historical and emerging strengths that will propel Towson University to excellence.

1. Academic Excellence and Student Success

Towson University’s top priority, Academic Excellence and Student Success, is dependent on the teaching and mentorship of faculty. We will continue to improve graduation completion and retention rates, close the achievement gap, ensure a seamless transfer process and prepare globally conscious students for an expanding workforce. Commitment to this priority includes academic transformation and course redesign.

2. A Model in Higher Education through Innovation in Teacher and Leader Preparation, STEM Workforce Development, and a National and International Reputation for the Arts and Arts Education

Innovation in Teacher and Leader Preparation

Towson University’s historic reputation in teacher education continues to lead the nation as an example of best practices in teacher preparation and school leadership. Excellence and innovation in STEM, arts integration and special education will transform the future of the pre-K through 12 academic model for the youth of Maryland and the nation.

STEM Workforce Development

Towson University is a major contributor to Maryland’s STEM workforce. In addition to teacher preparation, we will reinforce and expand our contributions to workforce development in STEM disciplines such as cybersecurity and forensic chemistry.

A National and International Reputation for the Arts and Arts Education

Towson University alumni and their work garner national recognition in the arts with Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony nominations and awards. Towson is well known for its cultivation of talented artists and communicators, and we will continue to expand our national and international reputation in arts and communication.

3. Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Applied Research

Towson University’s focus on innovation and entrepreneurship facilitates collaborations and strategic partnerships with the community and the state. We will continue to support our faculty, staff and student applied research endeavors and connect their work to teacher transformation, innovation and entrepreneurship. We will continue to promote economic and workforce development to keep the majority of Towson graduates working in Maryland.

4. Internships and Experiential Learning Opportunities

Towson University will expand its emphasis on internships and experiential learning, and significantly increase corporate, educational, government and health care partnerships to help provide these opportunities.

5. A Model for Leadership Development

Towson University is rooted in our strong commitment to civic engagement, civility and ethics. The university supports personal and professional growth by recognizing and developing positive leadership philosophies and styles. Our primary goal is to instill in our students the qualities essential for outstanding, lifelong leadership in all aspects of their lives. We are also committed to increasing credit and noncredit opportunities in leadership development for our faculty, staff and students.

6. A Model for Campus Diversity

Towson University will further strengthen its commitment to diversity and continue to provide a safe, inclusive, welcoming and peaceful community respectful to all. Towson will continue as a recognized national model for diversity and closing the achievement gap. Our institutional strategies will expand and continue to provide a forum for campus dialogue and action.

7. A Model of Outstanding Stewardship — People and Natural Resources (Student, Faculty, Staff and Community Well-Being)

Towson University is a major educator of health professionals in our region. We are dedicated to continue to empower our campus and our greater community to make choices for lifelong well-being and effective stewardship of our natural resources.

8. Excellence in Athletics

Towson University is committed to a financially stable, gender-equitable and competitive athletics program. The university will continue to support these goals by placing academics first. We will support opportunities for all Towson students to participate in a range of sports activities and leadership opportunities that support physical well-being and personal excellence.