TU 2016

Towson University 2016: Building Within — Reaching Out outlines the vision for the university's future, and is the second university strategic plan. Towson University 2010: Mapping the Future was successfully completed in spring 2010.

Building Within - Reaching Out conveys Towson's goal to continue to strengthen the Towson University experience, and fulfills the university's metropolitan mission to serve and meet the needs of the state of Maryland and region. Towson University 2016 was created to take Towson University to its next phase of development and build upon the success and accomplishments of the previous strategic plan.

Developed with involvement from internal and external focus groups, the 2016 plan is built upon 16 Guiding Principles with a mission statement and identifies five themes that will guide Towson's advancement:

  • Academic Achievement
  • Student Experience, Engagement and Success
  • Partnerships Philosophy
  • Resources for Success
  • Telling and Selling Our Story

Towson University 2016 will once again call for all students, faculty, staff, alumni, partners and supporters to actively adopt the plan as their own to ensure its success.

Guiding Principles

Towson University will pursue selected directions in support of our mission and vision for the future. Our guiding principles are:

Create and serve…

We will respond to the higher education needs of the region and greater metropolitan area. We will also continually work with business, nonprofit and government operations to develop programs that will be responsive to current needs, future needs and create opportunities for partnering with the community to address them.

An engine of change…

Through university centers and institutes we will monitor and analyze academic, social and economic

trends and leverage university expertise and resources. We will respond to changes in the broader environment and drive appropriate and responsive change as warranted.

Responsible growth…

Enrollment growth will be blended with physical and cultural change and growth. As enrollment growth takes place, we will create physical changes that will enable the university to respond to student needs. As size and physical change occurs, we will assure continued excellence in academic capabilities and a university culture that responds in supportive ways to an ever-changing external environment.

Strength within…

We will prepare to serve a changing external environment by strengthening and building bridges in our internal environment to create a more responsive and rapidly adaptable university. Through the blending of expertise, programs, resources and cultures, we will strengthen our ability to be an engine for change and to respond to an ever-evolving external environment.

We recognize that athletics, both intramural and intercollegiate, are key components to the success of our university goals. Athletics will be an integral part of the university culture, to enhance the experience of all students, and as a key partner externally in presenting Towson University.

An institution of unlimited boundaries…

While on-campus physical change and growth takes place, we will expand university boundaries. Through regional centers of education and expertise, we will partner with education colleagues at all levels, partner with government, business, and nonprofit organizations, embrace existing and new forms of remote learning and, through life-long and creative forms of learning, we will achieve goals through efforts far beyond our physical campus.

A timeless experience...

We will continue to support an academic and overall campus culture and environment that will provide an undergraduate education and outcomes based upon our core values and beliefs. We will also create a future for graduates that will encourage them to remain partners with, and supporters of, Towson University. Relying on our campus without boundaries approach, we will be prepared to offer our graduates opportunities through graduate education, non-credit experiences, real-life experiences and on- and off-campus life-long learning opportunities as part of their unique educational path.

A sharing partner…

We will assure that our academic and technical expertise is adaptable to changing environment and work force needs and that we become a destination for the export of expertise and the development of partnerships with all education, social and economic elements of our broader environment. Through these partnerships we will become an engine to drive work force development.

Diverse and Inclusive…

Our diversity initiatives will result in a learning community which mirrors the face of the population surrounding us in our region and state. As new campus community members join us from various cultural, racial and ethnic groups, we will infuse the curriculum and environment with culturally responsive actions to foster broadened perspectives and high achievement for all members of our community.

Able to meet the future…

As we examine our assumptions about the near and distant future, all actions, academic, cultural and physical will be driven by the desire to create a productive future for our students, our region and the metropolitan area. We will position the university to have adequate flexibility and capability to respond to opportunities.

TU2016 Themes

Academic Achievement

Building on our past success, we continue to emphasize excellence in teaching, scholarship, research and community engagement responsive to the needs of the region and the state.

Assess and strengthen academic programs to ensure students develop Towson's Learning Outcomes.

  • Review and evaluate curriculum to ensure challenging content that addresses workforce and geographic demands.
  • Employ faculty development programs; enhance learning assessments, use of online delivery and new technology to support faculty and students.

Enhance and expand academic endeavors to improve the well-being of the Baltimore Metropolitan Region and the State of Maryland.

  • Embrace the metropolitan mission by taking a leadership role in addressing urban problems, developing creative partnerships, and adapting to the needs of urban/suburban students and school systems.
  • Right-size enrollment, faculty and staff to build capacity in high demand fields such as STEM, health professions and education.

Challenge, inspire and support students and faculty to perform at the highest level.

  • Inspire students to become educated, engaged, informed citizens with leadership skills and a passion for intellectual challenge.
  • Empower faculty with innovative pedagogical methodologies and establish best practices within each discipline.

Optimize retention and time to graduation for all students.

  • Strengthen student advising.
  • Implement an early warning system to assist students throughout their academic career.
  • Take the trimester from pilot to program.
  • Develop The Towson Promise of degree attainment in 4 years.

Student Experience, Engagement, and Success

The Towson University experience expects students to be academically, civically and socially engaged through exciting and challenging endeavors.

Enhance and celebrate a diverse and complex university.

  • Broaden perspectives for all members of the university community.
  • Continue to cultivate a welcoming and diverse campus community.
  • Include diverse perspectives across the curriculum.

Respond to student needs to strengthen student satisfaction and success.

  • Identify and respond to students' needs and promote access and availability of services, resources and technology.
  • Develop innovative approaches to provide student support.
  • Support the Library's role in academic support, student development and campus life.

Involve students in co-curricular educational experiences on- and off-campus that build civic engagement and global literacy, and promote the Towson University experience.

  • Further implement service learning as a component of the academic experience tied to the curriculum with linkages to the metropolitan region.
  • Support students and faculty in their quest for focused international experiences and through the inclusion of global awareness in the curriculum.

Provide support programs for student populations with non-traditional needs.

  • Identify and address needs of non-traditional students.
  • Support transfer student transition through model programs focusing on orientation and advising.

Partnerships Philosophy

Collaboration within our university and with our partners facilitates our path to success.

Continue to be a leader in workforce development in Maryland.

  • Identify workforce trends and adapt programs, certificate and non-credit offerings to meet demands.
  • Enhance existing partnerships and develop strategic partnerships as they relate to workforce.

Enhance and support partnerships and collaborations with government, business and educational sectors throughout the region to promote economic development and address social issues.

  • Strengthen social partnerships and stewardship throughout the region.
  • Build upon successful community outreach efforts and continue to enhance collaboration with our neighbors.

Emphasize the shared governance structure throughout the university to ensure responsive organizational leadership.

  • Encourage and support the university community to engage in effective shared governance.
  • Improve communication in the development of priorities and policies.

Maximize resources and success through stronger internal partnerships and collaborations.

  • Increase collaborations across the university.
  • Create strong linkages as we grow our reputation and strengthen our Towson pride.

Resources for Success

Targeted resources are crucial to achieving the university's priorities and laying the groundwork for the next 150 years.

Increase philanthropic support to achieve the university's goals.

  • Maximize fundraising opportunities and collaboration throughout the university.
  • Aggressively identify and cultivate friends and extramural funds for academic, arts, athletics, and community and student development endeavors.

Enhance recruitment, retention and development opportunities for faculty and staff.

  • Improve succession planning and leadership development.
  • Define faculty work and implement a more effective peer review process.

Maintain a healthy, safe and environmentally sustainable campus.

  • Engage a campus-wide culture of energy conservation and sustainability.
  • Address the health and wellness of the university community.
  • Ensure the safety of all throughout the campus.

Continue to execute the Master Plan to address the educational, research, environmental, housing, recreation and co-curricular space needs to support the Towson University experience.

  • Ensure commitment to the Campus Master Plan through continued construction and renovation.

Cultivate a campus-wide culture of excellent customer service and encourage innovation and continual improvement in the delivery of services for both internal and external constituencies.

  • Clarify expectations and provide motivation, training and the tools necessary to implement best practices for excellent customer service across the university.

Emphasize campus-wide applied research and scholarship efforts.

  • Support faculty efforts in grants and contract initiatives.
  • Promote projects to support applied research and engaged scholarship.

Telling and Selling our Story

Sharing the Towson University experience allows us to convey the impact of the work of faculty, students, staff and alumni in the region and beyond.

Continue to improve internal and external communications.

  • Seek innovative ways to promote the accolades of the university and alumni.
  • Improve access to information for alumni, supporters and friends.
  • Enhance and adopt technology that allows us to effectively reach more people.
  • Improve recruitment, marketing and outreach to make Towson a first choice institution for an increasing percentage of students.

Feature the arts, athletics, academics and community outreach as key components of the Towson University experience.

  • Celebrate the accomplishments of the university community and alumni within the university and beyond.
  • Encourage broader participation in activities by all members of the university and greater community.

Communicate the significance of applied research and community engagement initiatives.

  • Find additional creative methods to emphasize faculty, staff and student initiatives.
  • Highlight the scope and impact of faculty, staff and student research.

Continually assess our success in meeting marketplace demands and continuing education needs through feedback from alumni, donors, employers and business and government leaders.

  • Continue to develop and implement regular market research from opinion leaders, alumni and employers.