Research Facilities

The scholarship of discovery encompasses a broad spectrum at Towson University. Research is conducted by TU faculty, staff and students at facilities both on- and off-campus. 

Behavioral lab

Behavioral Lab

The Behavioral Lab, also located in Stephens Hall, allows students, faculty and business partners to conduct cutting-edge, applied marketing research.

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Biodiversity Center

The Towson University Biodiversity Center is a National Science Foundation-funded project aimed at preservation and consolidation of the existing natural history collections at Towson University. This center is organized around its two largest, most extensive and oldest collections -- the botanical and entomological collections.

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Center for STEM Excellence

The Towson University Center for STEM Excellence is located in the Columbus Center at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor on Pier VI. The Center is the home of the Bioscience Education and Outreach Program and other efforts.

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human eye

Eye Movement Miscue Analysis Center/Lab

The Eye Movement Miscue Analysis (EMMA) lab allows researchers to use eye tracking technology and miscue analysis to study reading. Researchers use a desktop eye tracker and a mobile eye machine to examine how various participants read a variety of multimodal texts.

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TU Field Station

Field Station

The Towson University Field Station is a place for faculty and students to investigate and research the natural world. Located on 223 wooded acres in northern Baltimore County, the TU Field Station is adjacent to the Gun Powder Falls State Park and is protected from development by a conservation easement. This makes the area one of the largest natural preserves in central Maryland.

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Human skull and bones

Human Remains Identification Laboratory

The TU Human Remains Identification Laboratory (THRIL) supports student learning and enables high quality student and faculty research and community collaboration. 

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T. Rowe Price Finance Lab

T. Rowe Price Finance Lab

The T. Rowe Price Finance Lab, located on campus in Stephens Hall, replicates the functionality of Wall Street’s top trading firms to provide an advanced teaching and research environment.

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Urban environmental biogeochemistry lab

Urban Environmental Biogeochemistry Laboratory

The Urban Environmental Biogeochemistry Laboratory is a collaborative effort between several departments that is dedicated to studying environmental issues associated with urbanization.

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