Aidevo Longe

Admissions Counselor
Admissions Counselor

Contact Information:
Phone: 410-704-4719

Why I work in admissions.
I love the connections I get to make with students as they navigate this process. I want to show students that going to college and navigating the college admissions process isn’t as scary as it can seem.

My advice to anyone who's applying.
Take a deep breath and relax. The college admissions process can be long but if you are organized and on top of your deadlines, everything will be fine.

How my student experiences prepared me for my job.
I worked as a student ambassador during my time at TU. Interacting with students and families daily showed me how much I enjoyed being a part of the decision process. I urge students who are looking to make connections to find a job on campus or join a club! My role as a student ambassador gave me the tools to now help students navigate the admissions process.

Here's what I love about Towson University's location.
TU is in the perfect location. Walking distance from the campus is the mall, an amazing movie theater, and plenty of fun restaurants. As a student, I would try a new restaurant each month. TU is also near the Inner Harbor which is full of exciting things to do but also home to plenty of internship and job opportunities.

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