Online Invoice System

The Bursar’s Office offers training sessions for the departmental creators (preparer of the invoice) and the departmental approver (approval authority) for access privileges to the online non-departmental invoice system. Once the creator and approver have completed the mandatory training, full access to use the online non-departmental invoice system will be authorized.

There are a few easy steps to sign up for either a creator or approver training session. Our training series takes place in Enrollment Services room 306.

  • Appoint one person to be the primary contact and coordinator for your department. Preferably the department head.
  • Identify a creator who will prepare the invoices for your department, and identify the approver who will review the prepared invoice and approve it.
  • Security authorization forms for the creator, approver and the item types (formally the BR subcode) to be utilized by your department will need to be completed and submitted to the Bursar’s Office for processing and security and department profile set up.
  • A training date cannot be set up for the creator or the approver until the security authorization forms are completed and submitted to  in the Bursar’s Office (Enrollment Services room 321, x4-4603 or fax x4-2884.

A convenient training date will be confirmed with you by the Bursar's Office once your creator and approver security and item type forms have been submitted and processed within the online non-departmental invoice system.

For questions regarding all security forms or inquiries about your training date, please contact at x4-4603.

Online Invoice Logon

You can use the online invoice system (production) if you have already completed your training session and have received an activation email. Otherwise, use the test online invoice system

Security Authorization Forms

The security authorization forms are available in the forms repository. Please mail completed authorization forms to  in Enrollment Services room 321. Forms may also be faxed to Mike Mullenholz at x4-2884. Forms must be received 48 hours prior to your training session.

  • Item type security request form: creates item types for your department for use with the online invoice system
  • Item type authorization form: adds item types to your department for use with the online invoice system
  • Creator request form: the creator is the individual who currently types the paper invoice and will now create the invoice in the new online invoice system
  • Approver request form: the Approver is the individual who will now give final approval in the online invoice system.  In the online invoice system, the approver CANNOT create an invoice
  • View all request form: for Bursar and Financial Services personnel only
  • Cashier request form: for Bursar's Office only
  • Print processor request form:  for Bursar's Office only

Training Session Information

Please note that access to the online invoice system will be available within one business week following your training session.  A notification e-mail will be forwarded to you when your access is available.