COFAC Diversity & Inclusion Application

Purpose: To provide COFAC faculty, staff, and departments with the opportunity to create and lead significant diversity projects, events, exhibits, field trips, courses, screenings, lectures, debates, and other related initiatives.

Parameters of Project: Any project’s outcome must promote an understanding of at least one of the following:

  • multicultural, multiracial, and/or multiethnic identities
  • gender
  • sexual orientation
  • ableness
  • other social issues related to diversity and inclusion.

Projects should also support open dialogue and foster connections with the college, university, and regional community. Projects must demonstrate activity beyond individual teaching, scholarship, and service.

Duties/Expectations: To lead project, coordinate logistics, manage budget, and promote activity.

Submission Criteria: Requests will be considered for funding when they exhibit the following combination of factors:

  1. A complete application form (with department chairperson’s approval).
  2. A clearly described project (including purpose, goal(s), outcomes, audience,
    collaborators, reach)
  3. A specific timeline.
  4. A clear budget (including how much funding is requested from COFAC).

For this round of applications, priority will be given to joint and/or interdisciplinary proposals.

Budget/Resources: The budget and other resources for each project will be provided by the COFAC Dean through the Diversity & Inclusion Committee. Budget and resources will be based on the mission and goals of the project and on available funds. The following guidelines will be considered when awarding a request:

Course/Department activity -- $200-$400
COFAC Interdisciplinary activity -- $200-$800
TU/Community Collaborative activity -- $200-$1500
Equipment requests for classes, ensembles, or labs will not be considered.

Application Process: Requests will be accepted twice each academic year – once in the Fall for the following Spring semester and once in the Spring for the following Fall semester. Requests must be submitted through the online application below by the 1st Friday in October (for Spring events) and the 1st Friday in March (for Fall events).

Selection Process: Requests will be reviewed by the Diversity & Inclusion Committee who will recommend funding to the Dean who makes the decision to award the request. Awards must be used in the designated semester; awards will not roll over to the next semester.

COFAC Budget Specialist: Award monies will be coordinated by the
  *   If your event/activity is scheduled through the Box Office, notify the CBS
  *   No more than two budget transfers per award
  *   Payment on a budget transfer must be supported by documentation (eg – invoice)
  *   If uncertain, contact the

Reporting: At the conclusion of the project, the funding recipient will submit a written report of about 300-500 words to the COFAC Diversity & Inclusion Committee. This report will be posted and archived on the COFAC blog. Once each semester, COFAC will host a Diversity and Inclusion colloquium at which each funding recipient will present a 5-minute overview of the project.

*You must receive approval from the department chairperson before submitting the application.

Part I

Part II (300-500 word max)

Part III