COVID Response & Planning

Towson University continues to take informed action to ensure the health and safety of our community through the COVID-19 pandemic. See what’s required for students, faculty, staff and campus visitors.

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Masks: Required Indoors

Masks are required in all TU buildings for all individuals, regardless of vaccination status.

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Vaccinations: Required Unless Exempt

All students, faculty, staff and contractors on campus must be fully vaccinated or receive an exemption. TU guests are not required to be vaccinated, but all guests must wear a mask. 

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Consequences for Unvaccinated Individuals

All unvaccinated individuals and those with approved exemptions will be required to complete a daily QuickScan and participate in COVID testing this fall. 

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Reporting COVID-19

If you’re confirmed to have COVID or have been exposed to someone confirmed to have COVID, notify the University Health Center confidentially using the online reporting form.  

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