COVID Resources

Towson University continues to coordinate COVID-19 response plans with expert medical advisers, including the Baltimore County Health Department. The information provided here includes updated campus guidance regarding COVID-19. 

Note: These procedures are subject to change as the situation continues to evolve.

COVID-19 Vaccination

While vaccination is no longer mandatory, all TU students, faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to be fully vaccinated and boosted for COVID-19. Read about CDC guidance on COVID vaccines.

The TU Health Center offers convenient on-campus flu and COVID vaccine clinics for students, faculty and staff during the fall term through our partnership with Safeway. is a resource for additional information on COVID vaccines and locating a community vaccination site

COVID Testing

Students experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 can schedule an appointment at the Health Center with a provider for evaluation and testing. COVID-19 testing options include rapid antigen testing and rapid molecular testing. 

Free COVID self-tests can be ordered from, or purchased at local retailers or pharmacies. 

Guidance on Isolation

Towson University continues to follow CDC guidelines for individuals who have tested positive.

  • If you test positive for COVID-19: We continue to follow the CDC recommendations for isolation. The CDC has updated their guidelines on 3/1/24 and is no longer requiring the 5-day isolation period. If you are sick with symptoms from COVID or other respiratory viruses, you should isolate until your symptoms are improving and you are fever-free for 24 hours without the use of fever-lowering medications.  Wear a mask around others for an additional 5 days.

Students Testing Positive for COVID

Students should notify their professors directly of their illness and need for isolation. Students will need to make arrangements with their professors regarding class attendance and assignments for the duration of their isolation period in accordance with the attendance policy. Students who need further assistance with academic concerns should contact Student Outreach and Support at 410-704-2055.  

Students living in residential housing are strongly encouraged to go to their home residence for their isolation period. If this is not possible, residential students will isolate in their current room assignment with masking precautions in place.  

COVID Guide for Residential Students Isolating in their Room

  • Remain in your room with the door closed as much as possible. You are not allowed to have visitors during this time.
  • If you have a roommate, you will need to wear a well-fitting mask when you are both in the room at the same time. Mask should be worn at all times except when eating, sleeping, showering and brushing teeth.
  • You are permitted to leave your room to use the bathroom, pick up food, attend a medical appointment, go outside for fresh air or for a walk, pick up deliveries in the lobby area, or in the event of a building emergency. Please wear your mask.
  • Students testing positive for COVID-19 are permitted to request a grab-and-go meal from a residential dining hall during the time of their isolation. To request a meal, students should:
    • Fill out a copy of the COVID-19 Meal Request Form (DOCX). Order based off the menu at Be sure to include the location and time for pick-up.
    • Send the form to 24 hours prior to pick-up time, along with proof of requirement for COVID isolation (evidence of positive test result, doctor’s note, etc.).
    • Visit the dining hall at the designated time wearing a mask, tell the cashier you’re there to pick up a COVID-19 isolation meal, and wait to the side – your meal will be brought to you.
  • You are not permitted to go to in-person classes, enter any campus building (other than your residence hall and dining hall to pick up a grab-and-go meal), attend group events, utilize any common areas in your residential hall or use public transportation.
  • For non-emergency medical advice, contact the Health Center at 410-704-2466 or message your provider through the Tiger Health Portal at Telehealth appointments are available. Business hours are Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. After hours, students can call 410-704-2466 to speak to an advice nurse.
  • For emergencies, please call 911 or University Police at 410-704-4444 or go to the nearest emergency room. 
  • KN95 masks are available for isolating students and their roommates at the Community Center desks.
  • Students who violate any of the above procedures will be reported to the Office of Student Accountability & Restorative Practices.

If Your Roommate Tests Positive for COVID

  • You are allowed to be on campus. You do not need to quarantine.
  • KN95 masks are available for isolating students and their roommates at the Community Center desks.
  • It is highly recommended that you wear a well-fitting mask while in the room with your roommate during their isolation period.
  • If you experience symptoms consistent with COVID-19, you should test immediately. You can schedule an appointment with a Provider at the Health Center for evaluation and testing. 
  • Please contact the Health Center at 410-704-2466 or if you are at high risk for severe disease and would like to be considered for emergency temporary housing.  

Faculty and Staff Who Test Positive 

Faculty and staff are expected to follow current isolation and other prevailing guidance related to testing positive. If positive, faculty and staff members should notify their direct supervisor of their illness and need for isolation. Their direct supervisor may notify their HR partner for assistance as needed..

Time/Leave for Faculty/Staff During Quarantine or Isolation

COVID-related emergency leave is no longer authorized—time out on quarantine or isolation should be charged to accrued sick leave, unless:

  • The infection is verified to have occurred at work or is otherwise determined to be work-related. In such cases, administrative leave may be granted; or
  • The faculty or staff member is well enough to work, and the position is conducive to telework. In such cases telework may be authorized in coordination with the supervisor/department.


Masking is optional for most buildings on campus, including classrooms.  Masks are still required in all campus medical settings, including the University Health Center if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. Masks will be provided to students at the Health Center if needed.