COVID-19 Testing

Get tested when requested. COVID-19 sentinel testing continues to help protect the health and safety of our TU community.

Sentinel Testing through Summer 2021

TU’s COVID-19 sentinel testing efforts play a critical and effective role in monitoring, evaluating and limiting the introduction and spread of COVID-19 on campus. Sentinel testing participation is required for students, faculty and staff routinely on campus. 

Individuals who have received a COVID-19 vaccination are not exempt from required sentinel testing. Anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 90 days is exempt from sentinel testing.

  • Faculty and staff routinely reporting to campus this summer are automatically included in the testing pool, and will be randomly selected each week to be tested.
  • Students living on campus will be tested twice weekly. 
  • Selected students, faculty and staff will be notified via email and should follow instructions to schedule and complete tests at the West Village Testing Center. 

Use this form to make an appointment for a sentinel test at West Village Testing Center. 

Schedule a sentinel test

Rapid Sentinel Testing

Based on updated health guidance, COVID-19 rapid tests are now the primary tests used for all students, faculty and staff on campus. COVID-19 rapid tests provide quick results. Positive results from rapid tests are always confirmed with an additional PCR test. 

Rapid sentinel tests are conducted at the West Village Testing Center, located in the first level of the West Village Garage. The center is open weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Parking is available on the third level. Rapid test appointments generally last between 20-25 minutes. 

Faculty, Staff and Students Not Routinely on Campus

Faculty, staff and students who are not routinely coming to campus are not required to be tested and will not be included in sentinel testing efforts. 

If you would like to get tested at any time for any reason, especially after you travel, you’re encouraged to take advantage of free testing sites in Baltimore County and  throughout Maryland.  

Sentinel Testing for Fall 2021 

COVID-19 testing guidelines for the fall 2021 term are yet to be finalized. More information about sentinel testing efforts for fall 2021 will be shared when available.