Cynthia Zeller

Associate Professor


Contact Info

Science Complex, Room 5301 B


B.A., Biology and Chemistry
Hood College

Ph.D., Cell Biology and Anatomy
University of Alabama

Graduate Research Fellow
University of Alabama

Postdoctoral Fellow
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Areas of Expertise

- forensic molecular biology
- DNA recovery
- DNA typing using capillary and massively parallel sequencing (NGS)
- biological fluid and tissue analysis through methylation and serological testing
- co-director of the TU Human Remains Identification Laboratory (THRIL)

Professional Experience

Prior to joining TU's forensic science faculty, Dr. Zeller was a Research Technician at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Brady Urological Institute for 3 years and a Forensic Scientist at the Maryland State Police Forensic Science Division's Forensic Biology Division. 

Research Interests

  • using DNA to develop of aprofile of pheotypic characteristics of historic period human remains

  • evaluating whole genome amplification (WGA) techniques to improve DNA profile results

  • differentiating monozygotic twins
  • determining the best regions of human long bones for obtaining DNA yeild and STR profiles
  • determining the best method for the simultaneous detetction of blodd, semen, saliva, and vaginal fluid using DNA methylation


Dr. Zeller teaches Forensic Molecular Biology, Forensic Identification of Human Remains, Seminar, and Research.