John Sivey

Assistant Professor


Contact Information

Smith Hall, Room 584A


B.S., Chemistry
Central Michigan University
M.S., Environmental Engineering & Science
Clemson University
Ph.D., Environmental Engineering & Chemistry
Johns Hopkins University
Postdoctoral Associate
Yale University

Areas of Expertise

Research Interests

Research in the Sivey Lab focuses on environmental organic chemistry and the chemistry of drinking water treatment.  Specifically, our group examines the chemistry of aqueous disinfectants (including free chlorine and free bromine) as well as the generation disinfection by-products.  The reactivity of biologically-important molecules (e.g., amino acids) toward chlorinating and brominating agents is of particular interest. Our group also examines the transformation mechanisms and environmental fate of agrochemicals (including pesticides and "inert" ingredients).

Recent Posters:

Anaerobic Abiotic Reduction of Dichloroacetamide Safeners in Fe(II)-Amended, Heterogeneous Mineral Systems (PDF)

Influence of Often-Overlooked Free Chlorine and Free Bromine Species on Regiospecific Halogenation Rates of Salicylic Acid (PDF)