Keith Reber, Ph.D.

Associate Professor


Contact Info

Science Complex, 4301J
1:00-2:00 pm Wed & Fri


B.S., Chemistry
The Pennsylvania State University
B.S., Mathematics - Applied Analysis
The Pennsylvania State University
M.S., Chemistry
Princeton University
Ph.D., Chemistry
Princeton University
Postdoctoral Associate
University of California, San Diego

Areas of Expertise

Organic Synthesis, Natural Products, Isotopically Labeled Compounds, and Water Disinfection Byproducts

Research Interests

My laboratory is broadly interested in the chemical synthesis of naturally occurring small molecules that exhibit biological activity.  Since synthetic planning is greatly facilitated by advances in methodology, my group is also interested in developing new types of chemical reactions to address unusual or challenging structural features in our synthetic targets.

Recent Posters:

Total Synthesis of Pyrophen and Campyrones A, B and C (PDF)

Synthesis of Antifungal Alatanone and Trineurone Polyketides (PDF)