Mark Profili

Director, Forensic Science Program


Contact Info

Science Complex, Room 4301 E

Director Profili has 35 years of experience at the Baltimore City Police Crime Laboratory that includes 3 years as a Crime Scene Technician, 1.5 years as a Forensic Drug Analyst, 20 years as a Serologist and Trace Evidence Analyst performing body fluid analysis, fire and bomb debris analysis, hair and fiber analysis and 10.5 years as the Trace Analysis/Forensic Biology Unit Supervisor.  As the Trace Analysis/Biology Unit Supervisor he oversaw advances in the use of GCMS in fire debris analysis for ignitable liquid residues, HPLC and GC analysis of bomb debris for low explosive residues as well as fire scene reconstruction and bomb reconstruction.  Mr. Profili was instrumental in obtaining federal funds to initiate the Baltimore Police Department’s rape, homicide and burglary cold-case DNA program.  He also purchased equipment and hired analysts to establish and maintain the in-house DNA laboratory at the Baltimore Crime Lab. Director Profili teaches Forensic Science and Law, Forensic Chemistry, oversees the internship program, and is the academic advisor for all MSFS students.