Shared departmental instruments include:

Instrument Type Model & Features
CD Spectrophotometer Jasco J-815
Elemental Analyzer Elementar Vario III (CHNOS)
Fluorometer Jobin-Yvon Fluoromax 4
FT-IR Microscope Centaurus with Nexus 670 spectrometer
FT-IR Spectrometer (3) Nicolet 320/360/670
GC-MS (2) Agilent 7890a with 5975C MS and autosampler
Genetic Analyzer Applied Biosystems 3500
HPLC Agilent 1200 (DAD and fluorescence) with autosampler and fraction collector

Agilent 1260 (DAD) with thermostatted autosampler
ICP-MS Thermo PQ ExCell with autosampler

GBC OptiMass 9500 with Cetac LSX-213 laser ablation and cryocell
Ion Chromatograph Dionex ICS-5000 with dual anion/cation capability and autosampler
NMR Jeol 400SS 400 MHz with autosampler
qPCR Applied Biosystems ABI Prism
SEM Phenom ProX with EDS
UPLC-MS/MS Waters Acquity H-series with Xevo G2-XS qTOF
UV-Vis Spectrophotometer (5) Varian Cary 50/60/100

Bruker AXS S4 Explorer (wavelength-dispersive)

Bruker AXS S2 Ranger (energy-dispersive)