George Guice

Assistant Professor

George Guice

Contact Info

Science Complex, Room 2150A


PhD, Geology, Cardiff University

MSc, Mining Geology, Camborne School of Mines (University of Exeter)

BSc, Geology with Physical Geography, Keele University

Areas of Expertise

Tectonics, including early Earth tectonics

Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology

Structural Geology

Economic Geology


Field geology and mapping


On Earth, the locations of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and mountains are all controlled by plate tectonics, which describes the subdivision of Earth's rigid outer shell into variably sized plates. These plates move about the same rate your fingernails grow.

As well as being an important control of geologic phenomena, plate tectonics facilitates our planet's habitability, and is a fundamental driver of evolution.

My research focuses on how and when plate techtonics emerged on earth, what tectonic processes predominated before plate tectonics, and whether these processes have changed through geologic time. I use a variety of techniques, including field mapping and observations, structural measurements, microscopy, bulk-rock and mineral chemistry, and isotope geochemistry.