Peggy McNeal

Assistant Professor

Peggy McNeal

Contact Info

Science Complex, Room 2150D


PhD in Geoscience Education
MS in Geoscience
BS in Physical Oceanography

Areas of Expertise

Dr. McNeal is a Geoscience Education Researcher at Towson University who focuses on investigating how students use spatial reasoning in fluid-Earth science courses. Her research includes working with student and expert meteorologists to better understand their interpretation of complex data displays, such as surface and upper air maps. She also uses rotating tanks to investigate student use of spatial reasoning while observing models of geophysical fluid processes. The goal of these investigations is to better understand how humans think spatially and apply that knowledge to teaching and learning in undergraduate fluid-Earth classrooms, such as meteorology and oceanography.

Courses Taught

  • PHSC 206: Earth and Space Science for Middle School Teachers,
  • GEOL 357: Oceanography
  • PHSC 101: Physical Science I
  • PHSC 303: Earth and Space Science
  • GEOL 490: Independent Research in Geology