Title IX

Towson University does not discriminate against students, faculty or staff based on sex in any of its programs or activities, including but not limited to educational programs, employment, and admission. Sexual harassment, including sexual violence, is a kind of sex discrimination and is prohibited by Title IX and the University.

The university endeavors to foster a climate free from sexual misconduct through training, education, prevention programs, and through policies and procedures that encourage prompt reporting, prohibit retaliation, and promote timely, fair and impartial investigation and resolution of sexual misconduct cases in a manner that eliminates the sexual misconduct, prevents its recurrence, and addresses its effects.

Towson University’s Policy on Sexual Misconduct  is consistent with federal law in prohibiting discrimination on the basis of gender or sex.

All university community members are subject to this policy, regardless of sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. The Office of Inclusion and Institutional Equity coordinates Towson University’s compliance with Title IX, and responds to reports of sexual misconduct by providing outreach, resources, and investigations. 

Pregnancy and child birth

Pregnancy and Child Birth

Under the Department's Title IX regulations, recipients are prohibited from: (a) applying any rule concerning parental, family, or marital status that treats person differently on the basis of sex; or (b) discriminating against or excluding any student from its education program or activity, including any class or extracurricular activity on the basis of pregnancy, childbirth, false pregnancy, termination of pregnancy, or recovery therefrom.

For more information, and help with academic assistance related to pregnancy and childbirth please contact OIIE at 410.704.0203,