CBE ENACTUS students win $7000 in competitions

CBE student group Enactus placed top three in two competitions to earn $7,000 for their organization

Cafe Enactus, a student-run cafe on the first floor of Stephens Hall, was the submitted case for both competitions.
Cafe Enactus, a student-run cafe on the first floor of Stephens Hall, was the submitted case for both competitions.

College of Business and Economics student group Enactus placed in the top three in two nationwide competitions to earn $7,000 for their organization. 

The students placed second in the Robert F. Plaster Foundation Free Enterprise Challenge, which recognizes teams who have a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship, to earn $5,000. They also finished third in the CVC Capital Partners Youth Entrepreneurship challenge, which recognizes up-and-coming entrepreneurs, and won $2,000.

In both instances, the group entered its student run cafe - Cafe Enactus - as the business case. 

"We showed our entrepreneurial spirit by founding the first student run cafe at Towson University and we showed our innovative mindset by making the most out of a 100-square foot cafe," said Enactus member Meredith Price. "Through the [application] questions we had explain how Cafe Enactus is sustainable because of our partnership with Chartwells, the dining services on campus."

Price and the other Enactus group members are thrilled with the outcome of the competition entries and stress their participation in the organization has been invaluable.

"Participating in Enactus has been the best decision I have made during my college career," said Redate Haile, Enactus president. "The real-world experience I have gained in Enactus, especially starting Cafe Enactus, has propelled me to another level and has allowed me to get the internships and different opportunities I have sought. Running Cafe Enactus has given me the opportunity to apply what I learn in class to an actual business. 

"I believe my involvement has given me an edge since I have valuable experience already before graduating. Personally, leading Enactus as president has allowed me to grow and develop not only as a leader but as a well-rounded individual. I can attribute a lot of my success to what I have learned through being in [the group]."

Price agreed wholeheartedly.

"I have grown so much as a person and as a professional since joining Enactus," she said. "Founding and running Cafe Enactus has provided our team with so many opportunities to enhance our education and build off of what we learn in the classroom. Towson University and Chartwells have provided us with the right amount of opportunities and guidance so that we have been able to learn so much from this experience."