Campus crime hits 20-year low

By Pam Gorsuch on April 14, 2017

Part I crimes are down 37 percent from 2015 to 2016

Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) statistics released last month show that part I crimes on Towson University’s campus dropped 37 percent from 2015 to 2016, marking the lowest amount of crime on campus in more than two decades.

Part I crimes are criminal offenses that universities are required to track and report. They range from basic property crimes like theft to violent crimes, including robbery and assault. In 2016, there were 76 property crimes and two violent crimes on campus for a total of 78 part I crimes—the lowest since before 1995.

“Awareness is the key to safety,” said TU Police Chief Bernard Gerst. “I encourage all students, faculty and staff to watch the campus safety videos, follow our safety tips and sign up for emergency alerts to help decrease their likelihood of becoming a victim of crime.”

Towson University reports crimes in accordance with UCR standards. The full UCR report is available on the TUPD website