Photographer Kanji Takeno celebrates 20 years at TU

By Kyle Hobstetter on May 18, 2017

After 20 years, Towson University's director of photographic services continues to be a fixture at the school's biggest event.

For the past 20 years, Towson University has seen many changes. But one of the mainstays on campus has been Towson University’s director of photography — Kanji Takeno. From his classic “Three…Two…One...” before snapping a picture to being at just about every event on campus, Kanji has become a fixture at TU. This video provides a closer look at TU’s resident photographer, lecturer and friendly face.

Since coming to the Towson University campus 20 years ago, Kanji has taken over thousands of photos. This includes headshots, campus events, commencements, sporting events and pictures from Kanji walking around campus. Below is a just a selection of some of our favorite photos that Kanji has taken over the past few years.

A few our of our favorite Kanji photos