Pocket Doc: Digital TU mascot ready for your social media sharing

By Sean Welsh on Sept. 12, 2018

A new augmented reality Doc enables Towson University community members to put the Tigers’ mascot in their social media photos and videos.

Ever wanted to pose with Doc the Tiger, but couldn't get the popular Towson University mascot to tag along with you? Fret no longer.

A new digital adaptation of Doc, the lovable Tigers mascot, is now available for the TU community to utilize on social media.

It really is simple. Here's the quick guide on how to get Doc into your Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter or Facebook post:

  1. Download the free AppAR8 from the iTunes or GooglePlay store.
  2. Turn up the volume!
  3. Use your mobile device to scan any Towson Tiger logo – bumper stickers, flyers or the new Tiger Tats.
  4. Share your Doc findings on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat with the hashtag #TUproud. 

In fact, you can scan this image:

Towson Tigers logo

Pretty awesome, right?

Here's how it all works...

TU partnered with BaltiVirtual to develop the digital version of Doc. The Port Covington firm specializes in augmented and virtual reality, and has created similar interactive characters for other institutions.

The "Digital Doc" character keys off a two-dimensional image. Once the app scanner finds the image — in this case, the Tigers' athletics logo — it then generates the three-dimensional character atop the scanned image. Within seconds, you have a realistic Doc on your phone screen — and, thus, in your images and videos to share with classmates, friends and family.

It will work on most images of the Tiger head logo around campus — from signage to walls to apparel — both in color and in black and white.

So try it out. And don't forget to use the hashtag #TUproud when you do!