Opportunities: 22 percent of TU's freshman class is a first-generation college student

By Sean Welsh on August 25, 2019

Towson University welcomes diverse incoming student class as enrollment nears 23,000 for fall semester.

Freshmen walk into Convocation at TU
Towson University freshmen walk into Convocation on Friday.

The diversity of backgrounds, viewpoints and experiences in a classroom is a true prerequisite for a first-choice college education. And students choosing Towson University are continuing to find an increasingly rich academic experience.

That's because TU continues to attract a diverse student population. When classes begin Monday on campus, TU will welcome its most diverse freshman class in history.

Of the approximately 2,700 freshmen on campus this fall, 48 percent identify as minorities. And 25 percent of the class is African-American. Both of those stats mark new highs for TU, where President Kim Schatzel's priorities include the continued growth of a diverse and inclusive campus.

But it doesn't stop there. This fall, 22 percent of TU's incoming learners are first-generation college students. The class also boasts some impressive academic credentials.

"Having a high-achieving and diverse class of students enriches the entire campus community both inside and outside the classroom. As TU welcomes the Class of 2023, we are especially proud that the newest members of the Tiger family are the most academically prepared and diverse in the institution’s history," said Melanie Perreault, provost and executive vice president of academic affairs. "We continue to attract the best and the brightest; having multiple perspectives reflected in the classroom can only strengthen the academic experience of our students and better prepare them to lead a rapidly changing world."

TU is a national leader in providing inclusive learning, where the minority student population enjoys the same graduation rate as the entire student body.

TU freshmen come in having earned an average high school GPA of 3.62, with an average SAT score of 1140. Nearly 13,000 students applied, and less than 9,700 were admitted. The final tally of enrolled students is approximately 2,700 — about 83 percent of them from Maryland. The rest of the class hails from 32 other states and 25 other nations.

That kind of class will continue to push TU's profile as a first-choice institution.

Resident freshmen moved in over the weekend in advance of classes beginning Monday. About 6,000 students will live on campus this fall.

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