Why so many TU grads already have dream jobs after commencement

By Sean Welsh on June 11, 2019

Towson University graduated more than 3,400 students in May. And by June, many were in the career field of their choice.

During Commencement week at TU, one of the themes heard over and over from graduates was their excitement about the careers ahead.

A vast majority of the newest Towson University alums had already lined up jobs before they lined up to cross the stage at SECU Arena during one of the six commencement ceremonies in May.

“We prepare them well to be able to enter the world of work or to continue their graduate degrees,” President Kim Schatzel said. “Over 90 percent of our students have jobs that advance their careers. So it’s not just a job.”

President Schatzel went on to say that TU is committed to being a provider of talent for the State of Maryland, where most graduates remain after their time at TU.

“We’re very successful in doing it,” Schatzel said of providing talent to the state. “We’re quite proud of that.”

TU provides more health professionals to the Maryland workforce than any other institution. The world-renowned cybersecurity program and creative accelerated business degrees are indicative of the value that students can find in translating a TU degree into a career field of their choosing.

Melanie Perreault, Provost and Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs at TU, says that the university understands that families seek a tangible return on their investment in a degree.

“We have designed our academic programs to be of the highest quality in the country while remaining affordable. That our graduates are in high demand by employers and graduate schools is a testament to the excellence and dedication of our faculty and the commitment of our staff to student success,” Perreault said.

Student success at and after TU doesn’t happen by mistake. TU has a commitment to develop a life-long career center — which serves graduates throughout their careers.

Lorie Logan-Bennett, director of TU’s Career Center, said that her office serves students at an inflection point — translating their experiences at TU into a career.

“Towson is a place students are coming to get a fantastic education and a fantastic job. Those aren’t mutually exclusive,” Logan-Bennett said. “And that’s what we’re here for – to connect students to their success, however they define that for themselves, and we’re committed to that same common goal.”

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