Finding a home, opportunities at TUNE

By Sean Welsh on May 6, 2019

Megan Scott ’19 found a home at Towson University Northeast and made the most of an opportunity closer to home

Megan Scott at TUNE

Like many college freshmen, Megan Scott had trouble finding her place during her first semester.

The added burden of a hour-plus commute to classes from her home in northern Harford County pushed her to reconsider her plan.

So Scott, a 2014 graduate of North Harford High School, enrolled at Harford Community College where she worked in the advising office. 

After completing two years at HCC, it was a natural step for Scott to cross Shucks Road and enroll at Towson University in Northeastern Maryland (TUNE).

I liked the smaller class sizes, Scott said of her first impression of TUNE. I got to know my professors.

Scott credits the cohort setup at TUNE with helping her settle in and begin immersing herself in her studies. The cohorts enable 15 to 20 students to take similar class schedules, develop a rapport and learn from experts in their fields.

She belonged to the criminal justice cohort, which afforded her the opportunity to learn in a real-life setting: the Harford County Detention Center.

It opened up my view of the criminal justice system, Scott said. It offered me such a different education than I could have had by only learning in the classroom.

I'm very proud to have gone here. ”


She also got involved — really, really involved.

Scott not only juggled multiple jobs, she also joined the student advisory committee, launched the LGBTQ+ student alliance at TUNE, became a student ambassador, worked at the front desk at the building, and led a successful petition campaign to get a water fountain installed that enabled student to refill water bottles.

It was installed last month.

It's crazy, but I like to stay busy, Scott said.

She has a countdown clock on her phone to Commencement, where she will receive degrees in criminal justice and psychology during the College of Liberal Arts ceremony on May 24.

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Scott's original post-Commencement plan was to enter the workforce, but she has decided to enroll in TU's Human Resource Development master's program.

While she called the culmination of her time at TUNE “exciting and scary,” she also credits that experience for her success.

TUNE has prepared me for whatever is next, Scott said. I'm very proud to have gone here.


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