Towson University kicks off 'TU Big Give'

By Sean Welsh on April 21, 2019

TU aiming for 400 donors during inaugural giving week.

To further promote a culture of philanthropy, Towson University this week is launching "TU Big Give" — TU's inaugural week of giving.

Looking to build upon the momentum TU is experiencing, The Big Give aims to develop 400 new donors to enhance the offerings at the university that are supported by the Division of University Advancement.

"Giving Week is very important to us here at Towson University because at TU, we embrace a culture of generosity, collaboration, and paying it forward," said Nky McGinnis, director of TU's annual campaign. "We believe the success of one is the success of all-and our momentum continues to build with the achievements of each student, alumni, faculty, and staff member."

Supporting a culture of philanthropy is one of President Kim Schatzel's presidential priorities.

TU Big Give runs from April 22 to 26, with the goal of tapping into the various groups that make up the TU community. Find some answers to frequently asked questions here.

And while TU enjoy some philanthropic efforts of significant value, it is the quantity of donations that will ultimately lift programming for future Tigers.

"Giving Week is important because your gifts, no matter what size, will help move this energy forward in leaps and bounds, funding scholarships, cutting-edge research, extracurricular activities and more," McGinnis said. "Your gift is a true investment in TU, and the opportunities the future holds."

Donors can also specify where they want their gift to go, including to this list of participating campus groups.

Each day of the week focuses on a specific segment of the campus population:

  • Monday: Students
  • Tuesday: Faculty & Staff
  • Wednesday: Alumni
  • Thursday: Parents/Library
  • Friday: Athletics

Already made your donation? Spread the word with #TUproud and help make TU's first giving week a huge success.

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