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By Towson University on April 1, 2019

Learn from current students and recent alumni why choosing to attend Towson University was the right choice for them

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Towson University has award-winning faculty, top-notch facilities, nationally ranked programs and an engaging campus life. With almost 23,000 students enrolled in classes here, there are many reasons why each one chose TU. Meet 18 of our Tigers and find out why TU was right for them.

Kiam Preston '19

Kiam Preston '19

Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Bioinformatics major from Baltimore, Md

“The experiences I’ve had at Towson University, I don’t think I could have had anywhere else. I chose Towson University because of SAGE. This support system is something I didn’t know that I needed as much as I did.”

Simone Richardson '20

Simone Richardson '20

Family Science MAJOR FROM Salisbury, MD

“I see the entire faculty and staff as mentors. Every piece of knowledge they have to give to me, I just soak it all up. That’s something a lot of students do because the faulty here are so encouraging.”

Jack Saunderson '19

Jack Saunderson '19

Business Administration Major FROM Laurel, MD

“The last four years have been great and I can’t imagine myself anywhere else. The work I’ve done here has given me a good, inside feel of how the business world works with actual experience and not just financial equations.”

Alexandre Amegah '18

Alexandre Amegah '18

Art MAJOR FROM District Heights, MD

“The Center for the Arts at TU gives you a huge advantage, providing the space, tools and materials to create art outside the classroom. I now realize I do have a talent and should keep pushing myself. I am not afraid to fail and to get back up until I succeed.”

Jada Bruce '20

Jada Bruce '20

Mass Communications MAJOR FROM Upper Marlboro, MD

“Towson University is a really great place to get involved. There's always something to do on campus, there’s always something to get involved in, and it’s very much a friendly place to be, as well as a friendly environment.”

Gexi Chavez-Bonilla '21

Gexi Chavez-Bonilla '21

Elementary Education MAJOR FROM Lanham, MD

“Being an education major, and knowing the history of the College of Education, and the teachers that TU has created and given opportunities to, I want to be on that list of teachers who affect the community in really positive ways.”

Lindsay Murray '21

Lindsay Murray ’21 


“I have loved every second at TU. I have been able to take advantage of many opportunities from working on campus, allowing me to develop more professionally. I am in classes that I love, learning things that will be helpful for the rest of my career.”

Lincoln Robisch '21

Lincoln Robisch '21

Electronic Media and Film Major FROM Frederick, MD 

“TU’s EMF program provided me with a lot of opportunities through the connections I’ve made with my fellow students. It’s a real hotbed of collaboration. A lot of us are very close and I look at everyone here as family, along with being fellow professionals.”

Jason Hamilton '20

Jason Hamilton '20


“My experience at TU has been life changing. The student activities and organizations I’m involved in have changed my entire scope of what I want to do with my life, redefined my purpose, and redefined why I want to join the workforce and help others around me.”

Olivia Lubarsky '20

Olivia Lubarsky '20

Business Administration MAJOR FROM Santa Monica, Calif.  

“Committing here has really been a dream come true. All my professors, the athletic administration and my fellow student-athletes are so passionate and driven. My heart will always belong to Towson University.”

William Everett '18

William Everett '19

Geography & Land Surveying MAJOR FROM Church Hill, Md

“If I have a problem, I know it will be resolved quickly with the help of the faculty. All of the professors in the department respond to you so quickly. The department has so many connections with engineering and surveying firms in the region.”

Kervens Blain '20

Kervens Blain '20

Exercise Science MAJOR FROM Hamilton, NJ

“I realized nursing wasn’t my path, and with help from my advisor, I discovered that exercise science was my way. It’s exciting that I know what I want to do in my life, and I have that passion now. I’m just really excited that I have found something that I want to do in my life.”

Erica Ferguson '18

Erica Ferguson '18

Voice Performance MAJOR FROM Montgomery County, md

“Towson is a special place for harboring young talent. You can premier new pieces of music weekly, if you want in front of an audience. The professors here are ready to help you. At the end of the day, they want you to go out and have a career.”

Jeff Miller '21

Jeff Miller '22

Special Education MAJOR FROM Murrieta, Calif.  

“The support the community has for this school is incredible. It’s just a really cool area and has a great family atmosphere. I came to TU knowing they have what I want to do in my future life, and it makes me so excited. I really love it.”

Jacqueline Luciano '18

Jacqueline Luciano '18

English and Secondary Education MAJOR FROM Howard County, Md

“We have awesome teachers in the Department of Secondary & Middle School Education who are just so caring and look out for us in every way. The connections that I’ve made through my mentors at TU, have expanded my connections in Baltimore County.”

Lewis Laury '21

Lewis Laury '21


“TU's Student Government is where I can get my start in changing the political system and allows me to make policy changes within an organization. TU is allowing me to be an advocate and to make real change, not just for the people in Baltimore City, but for myself.”

Erin Campbell '18

Erin Campbell '18

Speech-language pathology and audiology; deaf studies; and interdisciplinary studies in linguistics, from Abington, PA

“I appreciate Towson’s extraordinary flexibility, which enabled me to carve an educational path that fit my interests and aspirations. Towson is great because there are a lot of doors you can open if you’re willing to go and open them.”

Carmen Peak '21

Carmen Peak '21

PsYchology major FROM Upper Marlboro, Md

“I’ve been able to really advocate for myself while I’m here, and by doing that, the opportunities just build on top of each other. My time here feels like it’s going too fast—I feel like I just got here. Being here, on my campus, why would I want to go somewhere else.”

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