TU faculty honored with USM awards

By Sean Welsh on March 24, 2020

The University System of Maryland Board of Regents has announced the winners of annual faculty awards.

Christopher Salice among USM faculty honorees
Christopher Salice (left) is among four TU faculty honored by the University System of Maryland.

Four Towson University faculty members were named as recipients of the 2020 University System of Maryland Regents' Faculty Awards, among the 17 honored across USM's institutions.

Now, perhaps more than ever, TU's faculty is playing a key role for the university's 23,000 students. The awards were announced in early March—just before TU declared an early start to spring break, before moving classes online for the remainder of the semester amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The awards are the highest honor presented by the board to exemplary faculty members. The awards honor excellence in the following five categories: Public Service; Scholarship, Research or Creative Activity; Mentoring; Teaching; and Innovation.

Four TU faculty members were honored with awards. Only University of Maryland, Baltimore County had as many honorees.

Institutional faculty nominating committees make recommendations to the institutional presidents, who review nominations and supporting material and forward recommendations to USM Chancellor Jay A. Perman. The Regents Faculty Review Committee makes the final recommendations.

“Faculty are at the very heart of the student learning experience," Chancellor Perman said. "No one has a deeper impact on what students put into their education and what they get out of it. And so we’re delighted to recognize these faculty members and to thank them for channeling their knowledge and passion every day into making a difference in our students’ lives.”

Each award carries a $2,000 prize provided by the institutions and the University System of Maryland Foundation.

The following are TU's honorees, listed by category:


Dr. Dana Kollmann: Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice

Dr. Kollmann has utilized her unique expertise in biological anthropology, forensic archeology, and forensic sciences to make significant contributions to forensic crime scene, accident, and natural disaster investigations. She has creatively combined the roles of faculty member, teacher, and scholar with ongoing local, national, and international public service, while deftly including students in archeological and crime scene investigations. As founder of Towson’s Forensic Science Student Organization, Dr. Kollmann has facilitated students’ on-the-ground experience with high-profile investigations by assisting local and federal law enforcement agencies across the nation.

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Dr. Christopher Salice: Associate Professor of Biological Sciences

Dr. Salice is a toxicologist by training whose current research program centers on understanding how various human activities affect aspects of the natural world and human well-being. He has used his toxicological insights to inform his contributions to ecology, and, similarly, his ecological insights to inform his contributions to toxicology. During the past few years, his research has generated 19 peer-reviewed journal articles and 48 presentations, while he also helped six master’s and two doctoral students complete their studies.

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Dr. Josh Dehlinger: Professor in the Department of Computer and Information Sciences

Dr. Dehlinger has developed a strong record of professional accomplishments to become both the Internship Coordinator and Director of the undergraduate computer science program. He devotes his time advising, serving, and mentoring students from undergraduates to doctoral candidates. Dr. Dehlinger has published 33 high-quality and peer-reviewed conference papers, most of which were co-written with his graduate students.

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Professor Lisa Martinelli: Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Family Studies & Community Development (FSCD) and the Director of Child Life program

Associate Professor Martinelli is described as “a pioneer for excellence in the mentoring of students” and “a student-first professor and professional.” Her colleagues regard her as an active, engaged faculty member and exemplary mentor for her students and peers in a new and growing discipline.

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This story is one of several related to President Kim Schatzel’s priorities for Towson University: World-Class Faculty Development Center.