The following policies and procedures relate to undergraduate and graduate reenrollment for degree-seeking students only.

Undergraduate, graduate & second bachelor's degree-seeking students who miss a Fall or Spring term must complete a reenrollment application, with the exception of students who withdrew from a term with W grades.

reenrollment application deadlines - undergraduates

Fall - August 1* (processing begins in late February)
Minimester/Spring - December 1* (processing begins in late September)
Summer - One week prior to each summer session (processing begins in late February)

*Apply early if interested in financial aid or on-campus housing.


Undergraduate students who completed a bachelor's degree upon their last attendance at Towson University or another college are not eligible for reenrollment. You must submit a new application with the Admissions Office for a Second Bachelor's, Master's or Non-Degree program. Please contact University Admissions at 410-704-2113 or to apply to a new program.

reenrollment application deadlines - graduates

Fall - August 15 (processing begins in late February)
Spring - January 15 (processing begins in late September)
Summer - One week prior to each summer session (processing begins in late February)


Graduate students who have officially left their program, been dismissed or need to change their graduate program are not eligible for reenrollment. Please contact University Admissions at 410-704-2113 or to apply to a new program.


applying for reenrollment & notification of reenrollment

When is reenrollment needed? Is there an application fee?

Any degree-seeking student who did not attend TU for at least one Spring or Fall term (did not register or dropped all coursework during the add/drop change of schedule period) must submit a reenrollment application along with a $25 non-refundable fee. Please allow up to two weeks for processing.

If you received W grades for all courses in a semester, you do not need to reenroll for the following Spring or Fall term.

 I haven't attended Towson University for years, do I qualify for reenrollment?

Please contact our office at 410-704-2007 or email to discuss your reenrollment eligibility.

Will I be notified when I have been successfully reenrolled?
Yes, you will receive an email that verifies your reenrollment.


transcripts (undergraduate students only)

Where do I send my transcripts? (Undergraduate Students Only)

Official transcripts must be submitted from all colleges and universities attended since last registered at TU. Electronic transcripts sent directly from another institution are accepted. Please address transcripts sent via mail to:

Registrar's Office/Reenrollment
Enrollment Services Center, Room 221
Towson University
Towson, MD 21252


classes - advising & registration

How many & which classes do I need to graduate?

Undergraduate Students Only:
After being reenrolled, your confirmation email will provide information about arranging for academic advising. During your appointment, your advisor can answer any questions regarding your remaining degree requirements and remove your advising hold from your account so you can register for classes.

Graduate students can contact their program director to discuss degree requirements.

I received confirmation of my reenrollment, when can I register for classes?

Your registration date & time can be viewed by accessing your account via the Student Services Center. Please visit the Registration & Courses webpage for more information.



I live in Maryland, why do I need to answer questions about residency?

When a student misses one or more semesters their tuition residency eligibility must be reviewed and re-evaluated. The USM Board of Regents establishes the in-state tuition residency requirements that govern Towson University’s residency policy. Please note that students must notify TU in writing within fifteen (15) days of any change in circumstances, which may alter in‐state tuition residency status. The Registrar's Office may request further documentation to verify in-state tuition eligibility.