Retired Faculty Association

The Towson University Retired Faculty Association (TURFA) fosters an ongoing relationship between retired faculty/librarians, the university and the community, providing opportunities to share information, experiences, scholarship, service and social interaction.


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Welcome to TURFA

We are delighted that this long-awaited, passionately desired association has come to fruition. As a retired faculty member, you are a vital part of Towson University’s successes and a lifelong source of enrichment for the students you have taught here.

Though an educator’s goals always center on students, one of the most valuable relationships at a university is the relationship between faculty members. In lending support, providing insight, posing questions, and exchanging ideas, you’ve been able to deepen your understandings and strengthen your pedagogy. With the formation of the TU Retired Faculty Association, those profound gifts can continue long after you’ve left our classrooms.

We are so grateful for your service to Towson University, and we join in your enthusiasm for the TU Retired Faculty Association and all its potential.

TURFA Officers and Executive Committee 2018-2019

Title Name

Fran Bond, Education
College of Education Liaison 

President-Elect Tracy Miller, Academic Advising
Past President Martha Siegel, Mathematics


Ray Castaldi, Accounting
College of Business and Economics Liaison 
Secretary Ron Matlon, Mass Communication & Communication Studies
College of Fine Arts and Communication Liaison 
Representative At Large Jane Wolfson, Environmental Science
Representative At Large Peg Benner, English
Programs and Events Committee Chair Jane Wolfson, Evironmental Science
Scholarship and Research Committee Chair David Larkin, Chemistry
Fisher College of Science and Mathematics Liaison 
Newsletter Editor Florence Newman, English
College of Liberal Arts Liaison 
Library Liaison Ellie Hofstetter, Library
Oral History Project Chairman Don Forester, Biology
FACE Advisory Board Representative Annette Chappell, English

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

The TURFA executive committee typically meets once per month to discuss current initiatives, projects, partnerships, issues/concerns among a variety of other topics. Copies of all past meeting minutes can be found on the TURFA SharePoint site (accessible by logging in with your TU Net ID/password).


The TU Retired Faculty Association Is a Proud Member of AROHE

Towson University is the first University System of Maryland institution to join the Association of Retirement Organizations in Higher Education (AROHE). AROHE advocates for and serves campus-based organizations for retired faculty and staff, helping to increase the contributions you made to Towson University.

  • AROHE Conference Report 2016 - Florence Newman, Professor Emerita & TURFA Programs & Events Committee Chair, attended the 2016 AROHE Conference in Seattle, WA.

Contact Information

Office of the Provost

Administration Building
Room 311
Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 5 p.m.