Retired Faculty Association

Founded in 2015, the Towson University Retired Faculty Association (TURFA) fosters relationships among retired faculty and librarians, helping them remain connected to both the university, and the larger Towson community.

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TU Retired Faculty Association members.   

TURFA is a collaborative venture of retirees and the Office of the Provost. See the About page to learn more of our history, our governing structure, and where you might fit in and feel most comfortable. TURFA provides opportunities for members to share information, experiences, scholarship, service, and engage socially. In addition, TURFA is the chief advocate for the privileges and benefits afforded all retired faculty and librarians by Towson University.


Become a Member

TURFA membership is open to all retiring full time faculty, adjunct faculty and librarians as well as those who have a long-term association with the university or are partners of members. The fee is nominal.

Membership Information

Get Benefits of Membership

TURFA actively works to expand and codify the benefits of TURFA membership

Benefits of TURFA Membership

Take Part in TURFA Activities

Activities include trips to local sites, special interest discussion groups, speakers, bike rides, happy hours, and dinner get-togethers, etc.

Events & Activities


Four standing committees are responsible for organizing most TURFA's activities.  Members are encouraged to  serve on these committees.

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Advocacy Opportunity

Protect our State Prescription Benefits The State removed our prescription benefits in 2011 but a court injunction prevented the State from enacting this change until now. The injunction was lifted last summer so we need the General Assembly to pass legislation that will restore these benefits.  Please contact your representatives in the General Assembly and the Governor to demand that they restore these benefits that were guaranteed when you were hired.

share talent

Share Your Talents

Members can  mentor students and do volunteer work in the Towson community and beyond.

Volunteer Opportunities
personal enrichment

Intellectual and Physical Enhancement

Become involved in activities that allow you to grow your mind and body.

Personal Enrichment
TURFA: The Oral History Project

Check Out the Oral History Project

Watch video interviews of retired faculty at the archive for the Towson University Retired Faculty Association Oral History Project.

Watch Videos


The advocate

TURFA’s biannual newsletter, The Advocate, provides articles written to inform and entertain. It includes in-depth interviews with retirees and others from TU, updates about issues of concern, information about recent activities and current initiatives, and brief In Memoriam notices.


TURFA is a Proud Member of AROHE

Towson University is the first University System of Maryland institution to join the Association of Retirement Organizations in Higher Education (AROHE). AROHE advocates for and serves campus-based organizations for retired faculty and staff. Through its network we share TURFA successes and initiatives and learn about those of sibling organizations.