TURFA Center

The TURFA Center, located in the Administration Building, provides space for TURFA members to meet, perform research, work and socialize.

ribbon cutting
The  original TURFA Center was officially opened to members on April 17, 2017. 

About Our Space

Since TURFA’s inception in 2015, the Office of the Provost has supported the need for TURFA to have a permanent office space on campus. The Office of the Provost and Division of Administration & Finance worked to make this a reality, and the TURFA Center officially opened its doors to active TURFA members in April 2017. 

The TURFA Center is now located in the Administration Building. The space is comprised of a lounge area, a computer room featuring three desktop computers and a printer. Space can also be reserved in a shared conference room. 

Requesting Access

Current members of TURFA are able to request access to the office and lounge space by emailing TURFA at . TURFA members will need to go to the Office of the Provost to gain entry into the rooms. Please provide several days notice.

Reserving Space 

TURFA members are able to reserve the shared conference room. Requests for reservations should be made to Jane Wolfson, .

Computer Room

The computer room contains three desktop computers and a printer. In order to access the computers, TURFA members must log-in with their TU NetIDs. The printer is linked to the desktop computers. Instructions for printing documents are posted next to each computer.

As a courtesy to other TURFA members and to protect the equipment, please refrain from eating/drinking in the computer room. Upon leaving the room, please log off of the computer you were using but leave the computer on.


Designated reserved TURFA parking is available in the Administration Building parking lot. Visitor parking is also available in both the Glen Garage and the Administration parking areas.

TURFA permits are valid in general visitor, department guests or designated TURFA spaces prior to 3 p.m. A TURFA permit is also valid after 3 p.m. in core spaces. TURFA members needing to park in a spot designated for people with disabilities need to use a TURFA permit in addition to a disabled hangtag or plate.