There are currently four standing committees in TURFA each responsible for a particular initiative: Program and Events, Benefits and Privileges, Outreach, and Oral History Project.

Each of the committees exists for (and benefits from) the dedication and commitment of TURFA members. In addition, there are other volunteer opportunities such as being a college liaison and being a tutor to a Towson student seeking academic assistance.

Programs and Events Committee 

tom maronick
Tom Maronick

The mission of the TURFA Programs and Events committee is to plan a variety of engaging and diverse events to appeal to TURFA members throughout the year.  Examples include attending athletic games, arts/cultural events and outdoor activities such as bird walks, nature walks, or bike rides. The Committee will lend its support to activities proposed or organized by non-committee members to which all TURFA members are invited.  If you are interested in joining or learning more about this committee, please contact Tom Maronick,, chair of the committee.

Benefits and Privileges Committee

martha siegel
Martha Siegel

The mission of the Benefits and Privileges Committee is to maintain lists of benefits and privileges to retired faculty, faculty with emeritus status, and TURFA members in accordance with Memoranda of Understanding negotiated with the administration. The committee will provide assistance to TURFA members whose rights to established benefits and privileges appear to have been violated and will advocate for additional rights as deemed appropriate.  Please contact Martha Siegel, , for additional information.

Outreach Committee

jane wolfson
Jane Wolfson

The Outreach Committee communicates with offices and departments within the University and agencies and organizations outside the University for two primary purposes. The first is to bring TURFA to their attention so that the committee receives important information from them which can be shared with TURFA members.  The second is to build partnerships and identify opportunities of interest and value to TURFA members.  The committee's activities are intended to support TURFA members as they engage with the community both in their discipline and beyond. As connections are developed, subcommittees will be created for more directed focus. Please contact Jane Wolfson, , for additional information.

Oral History Project Committee

Ronald matlon
Ronald Matlon

The Oral History Project is dedicated to celebrating the history of Towson University as experienced and remembered by members of the retired faculty. The committee has produced videos of interviews with long-serving members of the faculty and plans to continue to do so. Learn more about the TURFA Oral History Project (PDF) and view the Oral History Interview Collection.  Please contact Ronald Matlon, , or Margaret 'Peg' Benner, , for additional information.