Volunteer Opportunities

The opportunities listed below address the wide range of talents and skills TURFA members possess.  In retirement, these talents and skills are needed by various local and regional organizations including Towson University. 

Academic Coaching

Students sometimes need an extra bit of academic coaching in particular courses and TURFA members can provide the support to get a student through a particular rough patch. Interactions would be virtual unless you prefer a different format. If you are willing to share your expertise with a student, let Jane Wolfson know (). 

Accessibility and Disability Services

The Office of Accessibility and Disability Services has asked for TURFA’s help with discipline specific assistance for students. The office provides general support for students but cannot provide discipline specific assistance. If you are willing to share your expertise with a students registered with this office, let Jane Wolfson know ().

Transfer Mentor Program

Each semester, New Student and Family Programs hosts a mentoring program for incoming transfer students and the programs welcomes mentors from TURFA. Meetings are both virtual and in person.  If you are interested in mentoring incoming Transfer Tigers through their transition to Towson and offering professional connections and support, you should email MaryClare Rae (). Information and the registration is posted on the Tiger Mentor Network account that you need to access and might need help setting up.

Writing Mentor

TURFA members who would like to learn more about becoming a writing mentor for students can contact Wayne Robertson, , 410-704-5379, Director of the Writing Center.


BTU (Baltimore + Towson University) represents partnerships between faculty, staff, students, and several organizations in the Great Baltimore area. The campus BTU Team connects with current and potential community partners, nonprofits and k-12 schools, to explore possible connections between the organizations and Towson University. These partners are seeking volunteer or expert-level guidance in a variety of areas. If TURFA members are interested in learning of opportunities to engage with community partners, please contact Kathleen Crostic ().

Volunteer Opportunities in Baltimore County

The RSVP Program (Retired and Senior Volunteer), the Ombudsman Volunteer Program, the Home Volunteer Team, and the Senior Centers Volunteer Program are part of a Baltimore County agency that should be called “Baltimore County Agency for a Fuller Life,” but which is currently called Baltimore County Department of Aging. Their website lists a variety of programs seeing volunteers from local historical societies to performing arts and everything in between. Follow the links to see all the listings for volunteers.


CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) is a non-profit organization that pairs volunteers with youth in foster care. As a CASA volunteer, you will be the voice for the children as they navigate the foster care system. CASA Baltimore County is seeking volunteers who will be fully trained prior to being paired and will have the continual support from Advocate Supervisors. The program’s goal is to change lives, one child at a time. For more information contact Janis Bormel (jbormel@casabaltco.org). CASA is a national program and every MD county has such a program. Locally, only 1/3 of children who need an advocate have one. 

Food Bank

The Maryland Food Bank is part of a food assistance safety net. The Maryland Food Bank combined with a statewide network of thousands of community partners makes it possible to meet the immediate needs of food-insecure Marylanders while simultaneously working to create pathways out of hunger. The food bank helps Maryland by feeding people, strengthening communities, and ending hunger.  Volunteers are essential to its efforts. Learn more about the food bank and how volunteers can be involved.

Mentoring Program

iMentor, a national mentoring program, has programs in Baltimore, New York City, The Bay Area and Chicago. iMentor partners with high schools in communities in which a majority of students served will first-generation college graduates. There are three Baltimore City High Schools in the program. Every student is paired with a college-educated mentor who, through a supportive mentoring relationship, empowers first generation students to graduate high school, succeed in college and/or career and achieve their ambitions.

ENGin Program

ENGin, is a nonprofit organization connecting young Ukrainians with English-speaking volunteers for free one-on-one online English language practice and cross-cultural exchange.  If you are interested in helping a Ukrainian improve their spoken English through virtual meetings arranged to accommodate your schedule, go to the ENGin website and learn more about the program and how you can get involved.

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