Office of Student Activities

The Student Activities staff is committed to preparing students to become well-rounded and actively engaged graduates of Towson University. We offer a wide array of experiences within the following areas: Campus Programming, Leadership Development, and Student Organizations.

Vision Statement

Positively transform the student experience for every Towson University student.

Mission Statement

The Office of Student Activities believes a sense of belonging and involvement transforms a student's collegiate experience and facilitates their success.  We cultivate student development by providing opportunities for students to define their TU experience through exploration, involvement, and intentional programming.  The values we promote in our office are engagement, inclusion, community, and collaboration.


Engagement, Inclusion, Community, and Collaboration

If you're looking to get involved outside of the classroom, check out Student Activities on Youtube!

Student Involvement & Activities FAQ's

Where can I find information about virtual and in-person events this semester?

Where can I find information about student organizations, involvement opportunities, and events they are hosting (virtual and in-person)?

Where can I learn about how to start a new student organization?

Student Government Association (SGA)

Where can I learn more about the Student Government Association (SGA), ways to get involved, and events they are hosting this semester (virtual and in-person)?

Campus Activities Board (CAB)

Where can I find information about virtual and in-person events that will be hosted by the Campus Activities Board (CAB)?