COVID-19 Medical Isolation Protocols for Residential Students

Towson University has established the following protocols for residential students who are ordered to isolate due to COVID-19.

University Health Center staff will direct TU residential students to isolate if they are ordered by the Baltimore County Department of Health or campus officials to isolate due to positive COVID-19 test results

Isolation Defined

Isolation separates sick people with a contagious disease from people who are not sick. Typically, isolation lasts up to 5 days after symptoms start or diagnosis through a positive test and at least 24 hours with no fever without the aid of fever-reducing medication and symptoms have improved. Students may be released from Isolation on Day 5 if their symptoms are resolved. During isolation student movement is restricted and these students should not leave their assignment.

Exposure Case refers to people who were exposed to a contagious disease to see if they become sick. Individuals who were exposed to a positive COVID-19 person should test 5 days after last exposure incident. They should also wear a mask for 10 days when around others, and monitor for symptoms.


Notification of the need to isolate  will be provided through the University Health Center. If a student reports to Housing and Residence Life staff, the staff member will direct the student to complete a Quick Scan so that the Health Center can be in touch with the student.    

  • Students directed to isolation will have the option to go home or isolate in Scarborough Hall

Isolation at Scarborough Hall

The following information is for students directed to isolation at Scarborough Hall. Students directed to isolation also have the option to go to their home off campus to isolate.   

  • The student will move to Scarborough Hall and will need to check in at the front desk for the new space. 
  • The student will be provided a room key and express check out envelope to be used when the isolation period ends  
  • The student accommodations in Scarborough include: bed, dresser, desk, micro-fridge, and community bathroom.

Isolation  Healthy Tiger Kits  

Housing & Residence Life and EHS/Dining/Health Center will provide individuals needing to isolate with a Healthy Tiger kit which includes food essentials, non-aspirin pain reliever, a TigerCare kit, KN95 masks, and disinfectant spray or wipes. 

What to Bring 

Students should bring the following personal items if directed to isolation at Scarborough Hall: 

  • Sheets/towels/pillow  
  • Toiletries     
  • Clothing for 7 days 
  • Water bottle, snacks    
  • Personal medicine   
  • Cell phone 
  • Books and laptop  
  • Food 
  • Any other items used daily 

Expectations for Students while Isolating  

  • Students in isolation are not permitted to have any visitors 
  • Students in isolation must  remain in the room at all times. The only exceptions:  
    • To go home (their home off-campus)   
    • To pick up deliveries in the lobby area  
    • When cleared from isolation by the University Health Center  
      Note: Isolation (positive test)  typically lasts  5 days after diagnosis through a positive test. 
    • To participate in testing as directed by the University Health Center.  
    • Students with an ESA that needs access to the outdoors.  When students are taking the animal outdoors, masks are required at all times and physical distancing must be maintained.   

Medical Care or Immediate Assistance While in Isolation

Students who require immediate assistance or medical care while in isolation should call TUPD for assistance 410-704-4444.   

Meals for Students in Isolation at  Scarborough Hall 

  • Black and Gold will provide meal service for students relocated for isolation. These will be charged against student’s meal plans. If a student does not have a meal plan, they will be billed for any meals they order.
  • Students will be given a link to select meals upon arrival at isolation space.
  • Meals will be delivered to the fridge located in the Scarborough lobby twice daily (noon for lunch, and 5pm for dinner. Dinner delivery will also include the following mornings breakfast)
  • Students are also able to order meal delivery from off campus; but must meet the driver for delivery. Community Center staff will not accept deliveries on behalf of students.

Cleaning Scarborough Hall Isolation Spaces

After a temporary space has been vacated for 48 hours, the space will be cleaned and disinfected by the university cleaning contractor, ABM. 

Need Support? 

  • University Health Center: 410-704-2466  
  • Scarborough Community Center Desk: 410-704-4791
  • Towson University Police Department: 410-704-4444  


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