Web Editor Resources

These resources for Towson University web editors are a guide to creating and maintaining high quality website content.

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How to Use TU’s Web Editor Resources

TU’s Web Editor Resources present a clear approach to creating quality website content that follows the best practices of online publishing. University web editors can use these resources to create a high quality online experience for TU’s website audiences. 

The resources cover editing and writing, the basics of page layout and content guidelines. We’ve also included a snippet library

Web editors will also find important information about responsive design, accessibility and mobile-friendly websites, and how to use photography and videos to make a visual impact. 

All web editors are required to follow these publishing guidelines in order to create the best possible online experience for our diverse website audience. 

Modern Campus CMS

Towson University uses Modern Campus CMS as its content management system (CMS). Modern Campus CMS is designed for institutions of higher education. 

Modern Campus CMS users are assigned specific roles to maintain a controlled workflow and ensure message accuracy. These roles are: unit leaders, content owners and content contributors. Unit leaders communicate their content goals to their content owners. Content owners make certain that these goals are accurately communicated online and crafted with a high level of quality. Within the CMS they review and approve all content added by their content contributors. Content contributors are responsible for adding and editing content to their assigned webpages.

To get access to Modern Campus CMS you must first be approved for permissions by contacting Ashley Arnold, , and then attend Modern Campus CMS training.

Request Website Help

To request help with your website—including creating or moving webpages, redesigning layouts, or rewriting content—please contact or reach out to a team member directly.

All requests must be submitted by email. In order to ensure that requests are properly tracked and completed quickly, we cannot take requests via WebEx Teams.

Turnaround Time

  • Please allow 2 business days for an initial evaluation and response to your request. Requests received by 3 p.m. and marked “urgent” will be evaluated the same day.
  • Minor website changes (e.g., new page creation, layout or content updates to existing pages) can usually be completed within 5 business days.
  • Larger projects, including changes to website architecture, new websites or sections, or changes to functionality, will be prioritized on a case-by-case basis according to level of need, client deadlines and resource availability.

Contact Information

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