Each Towson University Staff Senate member is elected from their respective division or classification, so that all areas of the university have representation. 

2022-2023 Executive Board

  • Heather Sorensen — Chair
  • Bethany Pace — Vice-Chair
  • Keisha Bownes — Treasurer
  • Vickie Hook — Secretary
  • Ashley Arnold — Communications Officer
  • Theresa Jenkins — Past Chair

2022-2023 Senators

Senator TUSS Classification Term Ending
Lavern Chapman At-Large – Exempt June 2023
Heather Sorensen At-Large – Exempt June 2024
Brian Jara At-Large – Exempt June 2025
John Spivey At-Large – Exempt June 2025
Bethany Pace At-Large – Exempt June 2025
Carol Green-Willis At-Large – Non-Exempt June 2023
Vickie Hook At-Large – Non-Exempt June 2024
Hassan Sanda At-Large – Non-Exempt June 2024
Dan Todd At-Large – Non-Exempt June 2025
Kristin Pinkowski Contingent June 2025
Andrew Rosenblum Division of Academic Affairs – Non-Exempt June 2024
Saidat Adeleke Division of Academic Affairs – Exempt June 2024
Deniz Erman Division of Administration & Finance – Non-Exempt June 2025
Kim Campion Division of Administration & Finance – Exempt June 2024
Keiwana Perryman Executive Division – Exempt June 2025
Paul Schuler Executive Division – Non-Exempt June 2024
David Brasington Division of Strategic Partnerships & Applied Research – Exempt June 2023
Vacant Division of Strategic Partnerships & Applied Research – Non-Exempt  
Karen Gempp Division of Student Affairs – Non-Exempt June 2025
Greg Primrose Division of Student Affairs – Exempt June 2025
Barb Czajkowski Division of University Advancement – Non-Exempt June 2025
Vacant Division of University Advancement – Exempt  
Ashley Arnold Division of University Marketing & Communications – Exempt June 2023
Keisha Bownes Division of University Marketing & Communications – Non-Exempt June 2023
Siobhan Keplinger Operations & Human Resources – Non-Exempt June 2025
Vacant Operations & Human Resources – Exempt  

Senate Organization

Executive Board

There are six executive officers of the Senate: chair, vice chair, treasurer, secretary, communications officer, and past chair.

Voting Senators

Voting membership consists of up to 24 total representatives to serve three-year staggered terms:

  • Two (2) elected from the exempt and non-exempt staff of each University Administrative Division (Executive, Academic Affairs, Administration and Finance, Strategic Partnerships and Applied Research, Student Affairs, University Advancement, and University Marketing and Communications)
  • One (1) contingent representative
  • Nine (9) at large representatives (five exempt and four non-exempt)

These 24 representatives shall serve as the governing body and have full voting rights and responsibilities at convened meetings.

General Membership

General membership consists of all exempt and non-exempt staff members. General members have the right to vote during elections for Senators.