Courses & Catalogs

Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs

Information about programs of study is published each year in the Undergraduate Catalog and Graduate Catalog.

You can view archived Towson University catalogs beginning with academic year 2014 in our online archive. The university library maintains an archive of all catalogs.

Class Schedules

Current Towson University students can view class schedules and register for classes by logging into Towson Online Services/Student Dashboard (secure login; navigate to Class Search.) The class schedule provides specific information about courses and when they're offered each term. You can also view and search class schedules using your phone or other mobile device.

Information for Non-TU students 

Non-TU students can view and search classes with no login required.

Class Search Tips

Class Search may be best viewed using a browser other than Internet Explorer.

  1. Select a “Term,” then select a Subject to search for a course.
  2. To see all open classes in a particular subject, leave the course number blank.
  3. Select Undergraduate” or Graduate” to filter results by career.
  4. To see closed courses, uncheck the Show Open Classes Only” box.
  5. The Search results will display. Click on the Class Section to view more details about the course.
  6. The Additional Search Criteria” will allow you to search by class meeting time, instructor and campus locations.

Course Descriptions

Course descriptions can be be viewed online through Towson Online Services (secure login).
Course descriptions are also published in the Undergraduate Catalog and Graduate Catalog.