Freshman Transition Program

A select group of freshman applicants are invited by University Admissions to participate in the Freshman Transition Program each year. 

The program is a partnership between Towson University and the Community College of Baltimore County. Students in Towson University's Freshman Transition Program take Community College of Baltimore County courses taught by CCBC faculty on TU's main campus in the late afternoons and evenings. They live in TU’s residence halls and receive the same support services as TU students. 

After successful completion of the FTP program, students have a seamless transition into Towson University and transfer their CCBC credits to TU.  Students do not have to reapply to TU.

How to Participate

If you are offered FTP, you will receive an invitation to participate from Towson University. There is no separate application process for the FTP. Towson University selects participants from its regular applicant pool, and students may not opt-in to the program. If you receive an invitation to participate, simply complete the following steps to accept our offer.


Attend an Online Information Session

Learn more about FTP and whether it's the right pathway for you to get to TU.


Accept Your Offer of Admission

Complete both of these tasks to accept your offer:


Activate your TU NetID/email account. 

Activate your TU NetID/email account. Please note your FTP participation agreement must be received and processed by University Admissions before you can activate your account — this process can take several days, and we appreciate your patience. Once activated, your new TU email account will be used to communicate critical enrollment information, and we encourage you to check it regularly.


Apply for on-campus housing (optional)

On-campus housing is guaranteed for fall 2022 FTP students. Students must submit a housing application and nonrefundable $350 deposit by May 1. Please note: FTP students may not live in Capstone affiliated housing (Harris Hall/Tubman Houses and Millennium Hall).


Submit your FAFSA application by April 1.

Direct all financial aid to CCBC by April 1. All financial aid for the FTP program will be administered by CCBC. Learn more about financial aid.


Complete your FTP To Do List.

Complete tasks on your Enrolled Freshman Transition Program To-Do List before you start classes. 

Academic Requirements

Students may participate in this program for a maximum of two consecutive semesters. Academic progress while in the program is governed by CCBC academic standards. View the CCBC College Catalog for a full description of academic standards.

Students will be eligible for a seamless transition from CCBC to Towson University if they meet either of the following FTP criteria:

  • By the conclusion of the fall term, complete at least 9 transferable credits with a 3.0 or better cumulative grade point average (GPA), a final grade of C or higher in all courses, or
  • By the conclusion of the spring term, complete at least 15 total transferable credits with a 2.5 or better cumulative GPA and a final grade of C or higher if enrolled in a developmental course.

All students are enrolled in 5 FTP courses and must maintain full-time enrollment. Students who do not meet the requirements to transition to TU for the spring term must meet a fall term GPA of 2.0 or higher to continue in the FTP for spring.

Students who do not successfully complete the FTP requirements or who discontinue the program must make alternate arrangements or re-apply to TU using regular criteria for transfer admission.

Additional Information

Students in this program are CCBC students who also receive a TU identification card (OneCard) and access to all TU campus services. However, FTP students are not able to participate in some organizations, including Army ROTC, Greek life, and intercollegiate athletics. Students are also not allowed to practice or compete with club sports or TU competitive teams. Federal work-study is not available until after a student transitions to TU.

Both TU and CCBC comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA/Buckley Amendment), as amended. Student information is shared between TU and CCBC when it pertains to participation in the Freshman Transition Program.


If you have questions about FTP, please email Jeanne Gyr, Coordinator, Freshman Transition Program: