High School Parallel Enrollment

The High School Parallel Enrollment program is designed for high school students who want to take courses at Towson for college credit. Students must be at a junior standing or higher in order to participate in parallel enrollment.

Students in the program enroll in regular college-level courses at Towson during the summer, fall or spring terms and attend class alongside other college students.  College credit is earned for any courses completed, and will be posted to a Towson University transcript. Students may take any TU course, provided the prerequisites have been met and if there is available space in the class.

Please note that admission to the Parallel Enrollment program does not guarantee later admission to Towson as a degree-seeking student. 

Apply for the High School Parallel Enrollment Program 

  1. Learn our admission requirements.
    To participate in the High School Parallel Enrollment program, students must have a cumulative average GPA of a B or higher and PSAT/SAT scores of a 500 in each section (EBRW & Math) or a 21 ACT. Test scores are required for summer 2020, fall 2020, and spring 2021 enrollment. Home-schooled students must submit the most recent evaluation from the supervising organization.
  2. Know the deadlines.
    Applications are accepted up to the beginning of the term or summer session. Consult Towson University’s academic calendar for details.
  3. Submit your application, fee and supporting documentation. Complete the online undergraduate Non-Degree Application and non-refundable $45 application fee. All required documents should be submitted within the online application. Note: If you will be participating in parallel enrollment with a group of students from your high school, please choose "special parallel enrollment” in the application. If not, choose "regular parallel enrollment".

Tuition and Fees

Students participating in the High School Parallel Enrollment program are responsible for paying the standard tuition and fee rates with the exception of students attending from any Maryland public high school.  Fees are the responsibility of the student, not the school system.  For those in a Baltimore County Public School, Towson University directly bills the school system for tuition only.  Current rates are available from the Bursar's Office.