Need to quickly quiet the rumbles in your stomach or quench your thirst? Towson University has more than 120 vending machines throughout campus. The locations are listed below. Each location has Pepsi and snack machines, except as noted.

Academic & Administrative Buildings

  • 7800 York Road - all floors
    *1st floor has ice cream, coffee machines and a microwave
  • Administration Building - 1st floor
  • Burdick Hall - 1st floor (Healthy Vending Option)
  • Center for the Arts - 2nd floor (Healthy Vending Option)
  • College of Liberal Arts - 2nd (Healthy Vending Option),3rd, 4th and 5th (snack machine only) floors
  • Cook Library - 2nd floor and 24 hour student lounge
  • Enrollment Services - 1st and 3rd floors
    *1st floor has a microwave
  • Field House - 1st floor
  • General Services - 1st floor
  • Hawkins Hall - 1st, 2nd and 4th floors
  • Health and Counseling Center - lower level
  • Linthicum Hall - lower level
  • Media Center - 1st floor (Healthy Vending Option)
  • Psychology Building - 2nd and 3rd floors
    * 2nd floor has drink machines only
  • Public Safety - 2nd floor
  • Smith Hall - 2nd floor
  • Stephens Annex - 1st  floor
    * drink machines only
  • Stephens Hall - 1st and 3rd floors
  • Towson Center - lower level and 2nd floor
  • University Union - 1st floor (Healthy Vending Option)
    *also has ice cream machine
  • Van Bokkelen - 2nd floor
  • West Village Commons - 3rd floor

Residence Halls

  • Barton House - lower level
  • Carroll Hall - 1st floor
  • Douglass House - lower level
  • Glen Tower A - 2nd floor
  • Glen Tower B - level B2
  • Glen Tower C - 1st floor
  • Glen Tower D - 1st floor
  • Marshall Hall - lower level
  • Newell Hall - 1st floor
  • Prettyman Hall - 1st floor
  • Richmond Hall - lower level
  • Scarborough Hall - 1st floor
  • Towson Run Apartments - 1st floor

Vending machine card readers accept OneCards and credit cards

To report laundry or vending issues, email the location, type of machine and issue to , call 410-704-2365 or text 410-701-0805.  For refunds, please come to the Auxiliary Services Business Office located on the 1st floor of the University Union.

Laundry Machines

Laundry machines are located in every residence hall at Towson University. The machines are linked to a Laundry Alert system that allows students to check the availability of washers and dryers online before lugging their clothes to the laundry room. Students can log onto the Laundry Alert website and view the list of available machines in their residence hall's laundry room. If all machines are in use, students may opt to be notified via email when a machine becomes available. The service also provides email alerts to students when their wash and dry cycles are complete.