Our images say a lot. Our photographic style says a lot about us, too.

TU staff photographer with camera

TU’s personality shines through each and every photo we take, whether it’s in the classroom, on the field, out in the community or in a research lab. Follow these stylistic guidelines when capturing our momentum on camera or selecting the ideal image.

Angle and Pose

Poses should be natural, in-the-moment and authentic, capturing the action and emotion of the subjects. The photographer’s point-of-view is “in” the scene, using depth-of-field to add to this viewpoint. ‘Feature’ portraits, with posed subjects addressing the camera, are permitted but only in specific-use cases. Please note — feature portraits should not be confused with official TU faculty and staff headshots, which are taken in a studio and used throughout the website.

TU stairwell

Mood and Emotion

TU photography should be focused, engaged, proud and natural. Subjects should be interacting within their surroundings. When addressing the camera, subjects have a bravado and sense of belonging, full of energy and confidence.

TU students at the Holi Run


Whenever possible, use abundant natural lighting. Lens flares are encouraged, and always staying true to the environment. Highlights should illuminate primary subjects. Secondary light sources such as strobes or studio lighting should not be the focus in a shot.

TU dance performance


TU’s talented photographers maintain a catalog of quality, diverse, uniquely-TU images from every aspect of campus life. Tens of thousands of photos are available for use through our Photo and Media Library portal, where you can find images to fit every need. Find more information about using photography to represent Towson University and what to look for in your image choices.

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