Photo Library

Photographic Services offers an extensive collection of images of Towson University students, buildings, classrooms and events.

Images are the copyright property of Towson University. They are for use by Towson University faculty and staff and are provided for the purpose of promoting Towson University only. All other uses are prohibited. Towson University photos are NOT to be used by any company or organization outside of Towson University without first obtaining written permission from Photographic Services, by contacting Kanji Takeno at .


The photo library is hosted by MediaValet. To access the library,  sign in with your TU NetID and password. All TU faculty and staff have access to the photo library. Others who need access should contact Lauren Castellana at  to request credentials.

Searching / Viewing Images

You can use the search box to browse for images using keywords. Try to keep your terms broad — for example, if looking for images of SECU Arena, you might just search for “Arena.” This will result in all images of and taken in the arena.

To narrow your search, try using boolean search terms (and, or, not). For example, if you only want photos of the exterior, try searching for “arena and building,” or if you want to see everything but commencement images, try searching arena not commencement.

You can adjust how many images are displayed and the size of the thumbnails using the controls next to the search box. You can view a photo larger by clicking on it.

Selecting and Downloading Images

When you find an image you would like to download, click the cloud icon to download it. Select a location on your computer for your photo, and save the image.

To download multiple images at the same time, check the box in the upper left of the thumbnails for the images that you want to download, then click the Download at the top of the gallery.

Adding Photos to Webpages

For guidelines on how to add photos to your webpages, see the Web Editor Resources

Need Help?

Basic help is available on MediaValet by clicking the “Introduction and Help” folder under the search box. Other questions related to MediaValet should be referred to Lauren Castellana at .